Chad McCullar Interview

Well, maddog does it again with another great interview, this time with Chad McCullar, one of the newest Cougars and one who many feel will have an immediate impact on the team.

I had the opportunity to visit with Chad this past week out at North Shore. Chad is real excited being a Cougar and is looking forward to the fall workouts. He thinks he can make an immediate contribution to the team in his first year.

Having watched him play three playoff games last year, I would have to agree with Chad, that would be my assessment as well.

Nice to see the confidence level that Chad has for his abilities and for his new team, the Houston Cougars.

Here's the interview:

m- Thanks for the interview. Chad, how do you feel about this coming fall and being a Coog?
CM- I am real excited. I want to help turn this program around. It is a new start for me, and I can't wait to get it started.

m- what is your size and speed?
CM- I am 5'10" 175 4.4

m- Tell us about who recruited you and a little about the experience.
CM- It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. I was recruited by UCLA, Arizona, SFA, Oklahoma, UofH and Colorado.

m- Are you fully qualified at this time?
CM- I have my grades and core, but didn't score well on the ACT test the first time I took it. I scored a 15 and am now studying a CD course to help me qualify. I plan on qualifying and being there this year.

m- Will you play this fall or redshirt?
CM- I plan on playing WR this year and being a return specialist.

m- How do you think UofH will do this fall?
CM- This is a whole new team and I think we will do really well. I guarantee you no more lopsided losing records. We will have a chance for a bowl game this year.

m- What will you be studying when you get to UH?
CM- I will study Kinesiology.

m- I watched you and Willie hook up on some spectacular bombs last year, were the majority of those plays called in the huddle or were they reads?
CM- Most of the times the plays were called, but Willie and I have played together since the 7th grade and we have that connection.

m- What would you like to tell the Coogfans today?
CM- Don't look at my size and think that I can't play. I can play like I'm 6'8".

Thanks Chad, we at Coogfans would like to welcome you to the UofH family.


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