Big Love Speaks Up...

"The Cougars today are a much faster team and on defense we are better and the offense has always been good." - Marquay Love

JS - What were the deciding factors that brought you to the University of Houston?
ML - What brought me to Houston was my dad's family, and my uncle Eddie Foster played with Coach Briles and Wilson Whitley.

JS - What is your major, and your plans upon graduation?
ML - My major is Sports Administration with a minor in Marketing. My plans after college is to start a little business back in my community. That will help kids who don't have parents to teach them the techniques of playing any kind of sport.

JS - How have you enjoyed the city of Houston?
ML - I love the city of Houston, there is so much to do.

JS - They say there is a big difference in the players from different classes in Texas Football. For instance, 5A compared to 4A or 3A. What are your thoughts on this?
ML - It's really no difference talent wise, but the amount of talent that you have on your team. 3A is a small school, but you still have good athletes. I have seen a 3A school bet a 4A and a 5A school. It depends on your team attitude and mindset when it comes to playing bigger schools.

JS - We've had an up and down season winning some close ones and then losing some close ones. What's it like in the locker room after a loss like the overtime loss to UTEP?
ML - When we lost to UTEP it hurt, but we thought we can't dwell on this game as we have a lot more to play.

JS - Who was the toughest opponent this season in your opinion, and why?
ML - I would say Oregon because we opened the season up with a 3-4 defense.

JS - What do you consider the pros and cons of playing in a 3-4 alignment as opposed to a 4-3?
ML - Well, 3-4 you have a tougher assignment. We have got to keep the o-line off of the backers long enough for them to fill the gaps. The nose is the toughest position. The 4-3 defense I love because I was making more plays.

JS - We have had defining moments on defense this season like the 26 carries for 24 yards in the So. Miss game and then we have had some lesser moments against lesser opponents like the two long drives by SMU in the 3rd quarter to take control of the game. How would you explain the inconsistent performances?
ML - Well you have your ups and downs on defense and things might not go your way. I think we did a pretty good job against the SMU running game.

JS - Tell us a little about the Cougars three years ago and the Cougars today.
ML - The Cougars today are a much faster team and on defense we are better and the offense has always been good.

JS - Could you give us some insight to the coaching staff
What are they like on gameday?
ML - I like our coaching staff. On game day our coaches are so excited, our coaches even lift weights with us.

JS - Us fans don't get the opportunity to know our players and their personalities, give us a quick insight. For instance; who is our quiet thinking man? who is Mr. rah rah rah? Who is the big eater? who is the funny one? who is the silly one? who would you want in your fox hole if you were at war? who is the clumsy one? who is the talking man?
ML - Ryan Gilbert, Kenneth Fontenette, and D.J. Johnson are quiet ones.
Myself, Will Gulley, Brendan Pahulu, and Lance Everson are the rah rah rah people.
Byron Alfred, Roy Swan and SirVincent Rogers are the big eaters.
And Anthony Alridge is the funny, clumsy and silly person on the team.

JS - What kind of changes in the defense have been made since the opening game of the season
ML - There have been no real changes in the defense, we are just playing better.

JS - What are your expectations for your final season next year
ML - My expectation for next year is to lead my defense to be the best in our conference, and I want to be an All-American.

JS - If you were at war in a fox hole, which teammate would you want with you
ML - I want my whole team if I were in a fox hole.

Marquay, thank you for spending some time with today. We fans are behind you guys and we realize the hard work that goes into a career in the football program. Let me tell you first hand that there is a lot of love out here for Love #99 anchoring the line. You've done a great job in the middle.


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