"Sure Hands" Perry McDaniel

"Everyone knows we can put up the numbers. If we can stay consistent, it will be hard for any team on the schedule to stop us. We have depth at all positions and everyone has some solid experience. This should be the year that everything clicks. I hope everyone is expecting big things from us. " - Perry McDaniel

RS - First of all where are you from and where did you play high school football?
PM - I'm from Lubbock, and I went to Frenship High School.

RS - Which coach recruited you to come to the University of Houston and what other schools were after you? Why did you decide to come here?
PM - I went to school with Kendal Briles at Frenship and was recruited by Head Coach Art Briles. He had seen me play several times and offered me to play at Houston. I had several other offers at smaller schools around the area like Eastern New Mexico, West Texas A&M, Angelo State, and Wofford. I always wanted an opportunity to play D-1 football, and after my visit to UH, the choice was easy to come play for the Coogs.

RS - What are you currently majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
PM - I am double majoring in Kinesiology and Marketing. I plan to go into sports marketing and hopefully get involved in real estate sometime as well.

RS - A lot has been made over the hire of new strength and conditioning Coach Jackson, will you share with us what has changed as far as attitude, discipline and routine?
PM – Of course, anytime someone new comes in, and a routine is changed, everyone's attitude changes. Through half a summer of workouts, it is already obvious that the team is getting stronger and faster and is more serious about coming to work hard everyday. Coach Jackson and Coach Dennis definitely know their stuff and everyone listens when they teach. One of the main things I've noticed so far is the amount of drills we participate in that are position specific. We do things right now in the summer that will help us in game-time situations. I think it will be evident how hard we are working when the whistle blows at the 1st game this season.

RS - There is plenty of excitement with the prospects of the receiving corps this season. Vincent Marshall is on the preseason all CUSA teams and Biren Ealy is coming in with a history of success, not to mention others with star quality like Anthony Alridge, Donnie Avery and Jeron Harvey, so please share with us how you see your role with these guys and what we should expect?
PM – Well, I help out wherever I can. I think we have a very talented group of receivers and everyone has some good experience now. I've gotten to see my fair share of playing time at the slot position the last couple of years and I have a great mentor in front of me in Vincent Marshall. Whenever and wherever the coaches need me I'll be ready. It will be exciting to watch this year, Kolb should have plenty of targets.

RS - Are there any other young receivers who have stood out and could really emerge this season?
PM - Gleason obviously saw the field last season, but didn't really get to do a whole lot. Both he and Chris Gilbert should see the field more as well as Tim Monroe. All three of these guys are capable of stepping in when needed.

RS - There has been a lot of talk from the Rice camp about how they feel they had us figured out two seasons ago when they had the summer to prepare for our offense. Is there anything you would like to say to that and at what point in the summer do you start to prepare for the Rice Owls?
PM - We started thinking about and preparing for Rice as soon as last season ended. We take everything one game at a time, and they are first on the list. I'm sure they have their ways for preparing just as we have our ways, but we definitely will be ready when we take the field on September 2.

RS - What are your current strength and speed numbers (ht,wt, bench, squat, 40X, etc.)?
PM - To be honest I haven't tested numbers since I was a junior in high school. I'm about 5'8" 175, but as far as strength and speed, we haven't tested at UH since I've been here.

RS - Please express what is has been like to be a student athlete as a Houston Cougar.
PM - I have definitely enjoyed my experiences on and off the field at the University of Houston. I constantly hear how well respected our school is, especially in the business world. It's nice to know I am getting a great education while playing a game I love. Anything I participate in outside of school, I always try to represent our University with great class.

RS - You are well know for your great hands and concentration on the playing field, are there any drills or anyone who has really aided you in this aspect of your game?
PM - Coach Phillips has helped me greatly in the past three years. We do countless drills involving our routes, hands, and concentration. He has played at the highest level and knows what it takes to have success. He has been very helpful to our entire receiving corps.

RS - With so much experience returning on offense what do you feel this offense is capable of this coming season?
PM - Everyone knows we can put up the numbers. If we can stay consistent, it will be hard for any team on the schedule to stop us. We have depth at all positions and everyone has some solid experience. This should be the year that everything clicks. I hope everyone is expecting big things from us.

RS - Who are the offensive leaders the team looks to when things get tough?
PM - Every position has their leaders. A few that come to mind are Jackie Battle, Vincent Marshall and Kevin Kolb. These guys have been around through the good times and bad, and know what it takes to win. A lot of the guys on the team look up to them.

RS - What are your goals, as a player, that you wish to accomplish by the end of your career at Houston?
PM - Right now, I just want to win. Whatever I can do in any situation to help this team win, I want to do it.

RS - What are your expectations for the team this year?
PM - We expect no less than a C-USA championship.

RS - Why would you tell recruits they should play at the University of Houston?
PM - I think we are an up and coming program. We have a young coach who has turned the program around and a new conference which we are contenders in every year. The University of Houston is a great place to play and receive a top-notch education.

RS - Have you heard of CoogFans.com?
If not do you think you will utilize the site now as a form of cougar information?
PM - I have heard of it, and I am glad there are so many die-hard fans who follow us so loyally.

RS - Are there any final thoughts that you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
PM - I hope everyone comes out to support us this season. People should expect big things from the Coogs. We have the experience and depth, and we are prepared to win in '06.

Perry, it has been a pleasure meeting you and discussing Houston Cougar Football. I have been told by a coach on our current staff you are one of the hardest workers he has seen, so I have no doubt you will represent the program well. Great luck against Rice!

Image by Pete Medrano

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