Kevin Kolb Airs It Out!

"All I care about is WINS. I don't give a crap if we go for over 2,000 yards, I just want to win. So all those stats and stuff really don't mean anything to me." - UH Senior QB Kevin Kolb

RS - Kevin heading into your fourth and final season as a Houston Cougar how do you feel your career has gone and have you learned any lessons along the way?
KK - I feel pretty fortunate and stepped into a great situation here. I was able to learn consistency and how to be patient.

RS - How much has it meant for you to have the luxury of playing under the same head coach in Art Briles and a similar system you grew up playing in?
KK - It has been huge! It allowed me to come in here and focus on the little things and earn the team's respect.

RS - Why would tell other high school quarterbacks they should come to Houston in this innovative and unique system?
KK - The biggest thing is the potential is unlimited. I didn't get a big ego and allow other schools to convince me to go elsewhere. They will come in and play in a great system with a great coach.

RS - The University has decided to run a Heisman campaign for you this off-season, what has that meant and to you enjoy the extra attention he brings to you and the program?
KK - I love the attention it brings to the entire program. It brings national recognition!

RS - Entering your senior season no other quarterback in the nation has completed more passes to one receiver than you have to Vincent Marshall. Please tell us about your relationship with Vincent and what it has been like maturing and going through the growing pains with him at your side over the past few years.
KK - His talent is unlimited. He can catch a screen and take it 60 yards. There is not a whole lot of talking, we just go out and get it done.

RS - Please tell us about your targets this season. This, on paper, appears to be the deepest and most gifted set of receivers we have seen here since the Run N' Shoot with the like of Vincent, Anthony Alridge, Donnie Avery, Biren Ealy and Jeron Harvey.
KK - The great thing is they all have different abilities and there is not just one style they can defend. They aren't going to be able to cover just one player.

RS - Outside of the aforementioned players on offense, you might still have two of the most gifted athletes in the nation by your side at their respective positions. Rodney Hannah (TE), the one 6'8 one-time basketball player and leaping extraordinaire and the bruising slimmed down Jackie Battle (RB). How nice it to have these targets as safety valves and to help you carry the load?
KK - I think we have gifted players all over the field. We are going to have a pretty dynamic offense where many players can hurt you.

RS - How is the offensive line shaping up for this fall and it is a special feeling to be taking snaps from 5th year senior and old high school teammate Sterling Doty?
KK - It's great, we have guys coming back like Mark Kimmey and Sebastian Vollmer who have really worked hard. Sterling Doty is my roommate and best friend so I couldn't have asked for a better fit having him here to snap the balls to me.

RS - What improvements to your game have you made and what should we expect to see from you this fall?
KK – I will pull it down and use my legs a little more and allow the other players to do their jobs without forcing it too much.

RS - What are your expectations for the offense this season?
KK - All I care about is Wins. I don't give a crap if we go for over 2,000 yards, I just want to win. So all those stats and stuff really don't mean anything to me.

RS - What are the goals for the team this season.
KK - I want to be in a Bowl Championship Series game at the end of the season and win Conference USA.

RS - Have you started preparing for Rice's defense yet and how do you go about this being they have a new staff with a new defensive philosophy?
KK - We have faced Tulsa's defenses where their HC came from and know them pretty well, and there is also still a lot of time left.

RS - There has been a lot of talk about the improved attitude and conditioning of the team, please tell us what changes have been made and differences you have witnessed in spring and summer?
KK - He has come in and given us an extra spark. I think Coach Jackson will increase our W's by 5 games this season.

RS - Kevin when are you on track to graduate, in what field and what are your ambitions following school?
KK - I am in Sports Administration and hope to pursue and NFL career.

RS - Do you ever read
KK – Nope.

RS - Are there any final words you want to say to all the Cougar Fans out there?
KK - Thanks for all you support over the last four years.

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