Cody Pree interview

"I want the defense to make big plays not when needed but throughout the whole game." - Cody Pree

Thanks Cody for visiting with today. Our fans liked what they saw this past season and expect big things from you in 2006.

JS - What has been your focus this off season in the weight room and overall conditioning?
CP - Getting stronger and being in condition so that I am able to finish the whole game.

JS - Can you give us some current numbers, on your size, weight and strength?
CP – I'm 6'2 ½ , 300, and a lot stronger than last season.

JS - What are some of the changes that will make a difference in 2006 for our defensive unit?
CP - The scheme is a lot easier than last years and we have a lot of returning starters that were young.

JS - Coach Tony Fitzpatrick is known for teaching technique on the defensive line. How has he helped you going into spring training and this off-season?
CP - He has helped me a lot with the placement of my hands and getting off the ball harder and faster.

JS - Coach Weddell is talking about the return of the mad dog defense. What specifically are your expectations? Both individually and for the team for this fall?
CP - I want the defense to make big plays not when needed but throughout the whole game.

JS - Who were the tough teams physically last year?
CP - Kansas

JS - You are no longer a freshman. What does that mean as far as your skills and technique on the D line this coming year? How much improvement do you expect after that freshman year?
CP - I expect ton of improvement not just out of me but everyone on the D line and on the team.

JS - You are a UH student and a Cougar. What does that mean to you today compared to when you 1st committed to the staff to play ball at the University of Houston?
CP - To me it means that now I have to be more than just a football player because so many people depend on you and look up to you once you commit to a team.

JS - What attributed to the second half collapse in the Ft. Worth Bowl. We came out looking tired and slow, was it a conditioning issue or a depth issue?
CP - It was mainly a conditioning issue, but now we have that all worked out and the second half collapses wont be happening again.

JS - If you were a fortune teller, what would you tell us about the upcoming season?
CP - To come to every game because the coogs are going to bring the excitement everyone is looking for this year.

JS - Who do you see as the teams to beat to get to Memphis and in the Liberty Bowl?
CP - I see us beating everybody, that's what is going to take.

JS - What are our chances this year of having a huge season, one with 10 or more wins?
CP - The chances of that happening are very high we are that young team from last year with a lot to prove this year.

Thanks for the interview, and good luck this fall.


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