Robert "Fluff" McKiver

"We have a lot of talent and guys who can really play. I feel like this season if we can put that together we are going to be a great team." - Robert "Fluff" McKiver

RS - Where are you from and where did you play high school ball?
RM - I am from Havens, Connecticut and that is where I played HS ball.

RS - What is your height/weight and latest vertical?
RM - I am 6'2" 195 and have about a 35" or 36" vertical.

RS - Please tell us where your nickname "Fluff" came from?
RM - When I was little I used to have puffy cheeks and my grandma used to squeeze them and she started calling me Fluff.

RS - After signing with Providence out of high school, why did you decide to leave after just one season?
RM - It was their style of play. It didn't really fit my game, they play more of a slow-down style and I felt I needed to go somewhere that was a better fit for my skills.

RS - How do you feel Tom Penders and Houston's style fits your abilities as a player?
RM - I think this is better because in this offense you have more freedom and that is why it fits my style better.

RS - Tell us about your experience playing for Scott Gernander at San Jacinto JC?
RM - It was a great experience and they had a lot of guards who had very successful careers there. I was able to go to the national tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas. It was just a great experience.

RS - After playing with your teammates, what are your thoughts of the returning players as well as the rest of the newcomers?
RM - We have a lot of talent and guys who can really play. I feel like this season if we can put that together we are going to be a great team.

RS - What are your strengths as a player and what do you feel you need to work on the most before October practices begin?
RM - For my strengths I feel I can get to the basket and shoot it. I feel I need to work on making better decisions when I am playing the point and then I will be fine.

RS - Do you have any individual goals heading into the season you wish to accomplish?
RM - My goals are just to win. I want to have a good season but my focus is to help the team win.

RS - How do the 6am workouts compare to what you did while at Providence and San Jacinto JC?
RM - It's difficult because I am not used to moving my body that early, but once you get used to it, it is kind of good for you.

RS - What do you feel your San Jac teammate, Tafari Toney will add to the team once he arrives?
RM - I feel that he is a great player. He will give us energy, rebounding and scoring and will give us what we need in the middle.

RS - What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the University of Houston?
RM - Phi Slama Jama!

RS - Do you ever read CoogFans?
RM - Yeah, I do sometimes.

RS - Do you have any final words you would like to say to all the Cougar Fans out there?
RM – Yes, keep supporting us because this year we are going to have big things happening.

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