On the Inside with Center Al James

"We have been working on our execution so far, if we execute like we know how, we will be fine." - RS JR Center Al James

Al is the Cougars outstanding red-shirt junior Center, he is one of the top offensive linemen in C-USA and anchor what will be much improved interior line. Teamed with Rex Hadnot and Chris Wheeler at the guard spots the middle might be a good place for Cougar running backs to look for running room this season.

DD – Al, you are from Tallahassee, Florida right?
AJ – Yes sir, I was recruited by Coach Helton and have been here since the 1999 season in which I red-shirted.

DD – How's the offensive interior line shaping up?
AJ – Well, with Rex and Chris we have a very good interior and have been together for what seems like a while now and know what to expect from each other.

DD – Have you guys been working on Rice defensive schemes yet?
AJ – We have been working on our execution so far, if we execute like we know how, we will be fine.

DD – Last year it seemed like all the preseason revolved around Rice, is that the same this year?
AJ – No, we are just taking it one game at a time.

DD – Who is our best on the defensive line, in other words, who gives you the most trouble?
AJ – Definitely, Bryan Hill, he is just a tremendous player.

DD – That's interesting because in an earlier CoogFans interview, Bryan ranked you and Rex as the best offensive linemen he faced last season including the guys from UT.
AJ – I didn't know that, but we work each other hard so I'm pleased that he thinks so.

DD – Have you been impressed with any of the new defensive linemen that you have seen thus far?
AJ – Of the new guys, Farouk was looking real good before the appendectomy and the other DE Huffman sure works hard and is fast.

DD – How do you feel about the team overall so far?
AJ – We have a great group of seniors and the team captains are making sure that this year's team is focused. I feel really good about this season.

DD – Is there anything that you would like to say to the CoogFans out there?
AJ – Come on out and support us, you are going to like what you see this year.

Al, thanks for your time today and we at CoogFans wish you and the rest of the guys the best this season.

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