Interview with Rex Hadnot

"Coach Wolf gets a lot of credit for the guys, because they now have more ‘want to' than before." – Rex Hadnot

Caught up with Jonathan Rex Hadnot after the Saturday scrimmage and we discussed the 2002 Cougars. Rex, the name he prefers, feels good about this year's team and gave me some good insight to pass on to CoogFans.

md - Rex, you are starting your second year as the #1 starting left guard. How is that going to help you this season?
RH - This year with the experience and knowledge from a year ago makes us stronger, because we are able to work on the techniques with less confusion.

md - How is the OL shaping up so far this fall?
RH - We are still trying to get it together and we have two more weeks to work on it before we play Rice.

md - How is the DL looking to you guys so far?
RH - I think the defensive line is much better than last year. They are bigger and seem to have unity. They are playing good as a group.

md - How much credit would you give to Coach Wolf for the improved DL?
RH - Coach Wolf gets a lot of credit for the guys, because they now have more 'want to' than before.

md - What can we expect from our running game this coming season?
RH - Our running game will be a lot better because we are much more physical up front. We are stronger than a year ago.

md -We have three strong returning starters on the inside of the line, and both the tackles are relatively new. What should we expect from these two positions?
RH -Both of the tackles are new and they are still learning. They have time before the Rice game and I think they will be ready by then.

md -How about the play of the QB's?
RH -Barrick has stepped right in for Nick and he is doing a real good job. He needs some more maturity and he will be really good.

md -What is your major and how are you progressing toward your degree here at UofH?
RH -I am studying Economics and am on time to graduate next year.

md -What would you like to say to the Coogfans today?
RH -We appreciate the constant support, and we plan on giving ya'll something to cheer about this year.

Thanks for the interview Rex. Have a great year and we are looking for you guys to take us to a bowl this season.


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