Coach Clements on the Coogs

On the '06 OL: "They played together as a unit, and played for each other." - OL Coach Randall Clements

DD - Well, I guess that a good place to start would be your recently being named Co-Offensive Coordinator, how do you see your role, that of Coach Montgomery and your interaction with Coach Briles changing?
RC - Not much change. We are all involved with play calling but AB has final say.

DD - Depth is important along the OL, which young linemen are pushing for the two deep?
RC - The guys who are coming into their 3rd year, Matt Hart and Jerrod Butler, Carl Barnett.

DD - What's the story on Sebastian Vollmer and his rehabilitation?
RC - SeaBass was released to w/o last Friday. He will have limited involvement this spring. We should have him back to full speed for fall camp.

DD - What's the story on SirVincent Rodgers and his rehabilitation?
RC - SirV's rehab is going great. He is ahead of schedule. We are still planning on holding him until ‘08. If he wants a shot at the next level then it's the only thing to do.

DD - Who are the future difference makers in the 2007 class?
RC - Getting an entire OL is huge. We feel real good about the two RBs. There is lot's of speed in the skill ranks.

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DD - With Sterling Doty graduating, how do you see the Center position shaping up?
RC - Carl Barnett will get first crack at it. That would be the easiest transition for us.

DD - Tell us about Jerrod Butler. Last year we heard that he had good feet and was a candidate for a guard position.
RC - He still is just that , a candidate.

DD - Is our rushing offensive blocking technique zone blocking or another technique?
RC - Mostly zone and gap. We have some pull man schemes as well.

DD - What positions in the OL are facing the most competition for starting roles?
RC - Center and one of the guards.

DD - Would you rather have a guy that can run block or pass block? What's the easiest to teach?
RC - Pass pro is probably a little harder to teach. It doesn't matter just give me an athlete that has a hot motor.

DD - What would the perfect lineman for this offense look like (height, weight, speed)?
RC - OT's 6'4 295 4.9 C,G's 6'3 305 5.1

DD - What do you feel was the key to success of the OL was last season?
RC - They played together as a unit, and played for each other.

DD - What coaches have had an influence on you as far as technique and your coaching style is concerned?
RC - AB and Mike Spradlin was great to work with.

DD - I here you like to fish, do have any good fishing stories to tell us?
RC - Don't get time to go much anymore. Don't really have a place to go either.

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