Andrew Francis - 2003 UH Hoops Recruit

"There were several reasons. Playing time, the coaching staff, being able to be near my family, I've played with the other players before and like them." - Andrew Francis

SK - Good evening Andrew, how are you doing?
AF - I'm doing good. Glad to be a Cougar.

SK - How was your visit this weekend?
AF - It was great. I had a lot of fun.

SK - What made you decide on UH?
AF - There were several reasons. Playing time, the coaching staff, being able to be near my family, I've played with the other players before and like them.

SK - Family was important, wasn't it?
AF - Yes, I have a big support group here and when it came down to it there's no place I'd rather be but Houston.

SK - How did you like the recruiting process?
AF - I really enjoyed the attention early on. Then after I got used to it I got kind of bored. Now that I've made the commitment my phone doesn't ring all the time now.

SK - What schools made your final list?
AF - I narrowed my final list down to Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Baylor and Houston.

SK - You're an extremely versatile player. What spot do you like the best, or which spot fits you best?
AF - I enjoy all three of the backcourt/wing spots. I have good court vision and can handle the ball so I can play the 1, 2, or 3 spots. My size also helps when it comes to shooting over people on the perimeter.

SK - On the high school level they tend to stick taller guys in the post due to lack of big men. Is this the case at Elsik?
AF - No, my coach knows my game and understands that I can be effective on the wing or running the team.

SK - I'm sure there are comparisons to another tall backcourt/wing player who played at Elsik also?
AF - Yeah, several people compare me to Rashard Lewis. My coach compares him to me in terms of my character and my determination. The comparisons to him are nice but I'm definitely not at that skill level yet.

SK - How big are you now?
AF - 6-8, 190

SK - What were your stats last season?
AF - 15 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and around 2 steals per game.

SK - I know you're comfortable playing the point on the offensive end. How about playing defense on the opposing point guard?
AF - I have a little trouble holding the smaller, quicker point guards but I think it will be easier on the college level when you're allowed to be more physical. In high school you can't really touch them at all. When I play at UH in open gym I don't have a problem guarding the point.

SK - What goal do you have for your self and your team this season?
AF - I want to become a better scorer. My goal is to boost my average 10 points per game. I should be able to do it. Our team goal is to win the state championship. We have a good shot since all the players on our team are very versatile and can all shoot, put the ball on the floor and get to the basket.

SK - How'd the summer circuit go?
AF - I feel like I played pretty well. I think I played better on the east coast and when we started moving west I got a little homesick. By the time we played in Vegas I hadn't had much time to work on my jumper and felt like I didn't do as well as I could. But overall I think it went well.

SK - What AAU team did you play on?
AF - The Texas BlueChips.

SK - How difficult is it to find a rhythm or chemistry with players you play with only in the summer?
AF - It didn't take very long. We had pretty good chemistry. The difficult thing is you have to be on once you go in. You have 13 players on your team, all of whom are really good players. If you don't bring your "A" game the coach can find someone else off the bench. You don't have any time to get warmed up or get into the flow of the game.

SK - You've had an opportunity to play with or against the other players in your UH recruiting class. What thoughts do you have about them?
AF - Parker can shoot lights out. He's a pure shooter. Lanny is a creator. He can create shots for all of his teammates. And Elijah is a big man who can bang with the best of them. Overall I think this class is a great fit. The playing styles, the personalities, everything. I'm glad to be a part of it.

SK - Anything you'd like to tell the CoogFans out there?
AF - I'm glad to be a Cougar and I look forward to seeing you guys next year when I get to campus. We want to bring Phi Slama Jama back to Houston!

Thanks to Andrew for taking the time to speak with us tonight. Welcome to the Cougar Family!


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