The UH QBs Part One: Blake Joseph

"I am glad Case and Al are here, competition is healthy for everyone. They are pushing me and I am pushing them, it is going to be a race to see who's going to be the new QB." - UH QB Blake Joseph

RS - Please give us a little insight growing up in a family with such distinguished coaching pedigrees like your grandfather and uncles (uncles Gary Joseph is HC at Katy, Scott Joseph at Baytown Lee and his grandfather is the head of the Texas High School Coaching Association)?
BJ - It has been a really good situation. I have been able to watch football my entire life going to HS playoff games. It has really helped and taught me a lot.

RS - What type of benefit has it been to be able to practice with and learn every day from such a successful player like Kevin Kolb?
BJ - I got to watch him as his understudy for three years. He is a great guy and taught me how to handle situations on/off the field. Even though he is big-time now in Philadelphia he still calls and texts me to see how I am doing and wishes me good luck on the season.

RS - You had the luxury of coming to Houston during the second semester of your senior year in high school. How much do you feel this benefited you as a player and would you recommend this to other HS athletes?
BJ - Even though I knew I wasn't going to play with Kevin Kolb already here, getting here early helped a lot in learning the system and with college life.

RS - Right now most Houston fans are keenly focused on the mad race to be the next starting QB for the University of Houston. Please give us a little insight on what this type of daily competition has meant and what the camaraderie between the three of you has been like this summer/fall.
BJ - I am glad Case and Al are here, competition is healthy for everyone. They are pushing me and I am pushing them, it is going to be a race to see who's going to be the new QB. We have a good team coming back with a bunch of talent like Anthony Alridge, Donnie Avery, Jeron Harvey and a good OL. Kevin was a great player for the university but the team as a whole is just as good as it was last year. Whoever the starting QB is will get the job done and we are just focused on getting back to the conference championship game.

RS - As a QB what do you see as your strengths and what do you need to work on the most?
BJ - My strength is my arm and throwing the ball downfield, but when the blitz is coming, I can still get out of the pocket and run. I need to work on my ball security and having two hands on the ball when I run.

RS - After working with Case for a year and now Al do you think our offense will be structured differently for each one of your skill sets pending on who is taking the snaps at the time?
BJ - As far as skill sets we all have a different set of skills that will help the team. I don't think the structure will change, I just think Coach Briles will go with his best instinct and play whoever in the Oregon game. The most consistent in fall camp will be the new QB.

RS - Even though you didn't get a lot of snaps last season do you feel getting out there and making some plays with the team ahs helped prepare you for this season?
BJ - Yes sir! Last year I didn't get but 22 snaps, but I was thrilled just to be able to go into the games. I think it has really helped to calm me down.

RS - What are you majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
BJ - I am majoring in sports administration and will probably end up coaching like the rest of my family once I finish here.


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