Michael Young Interview

"We came out fired up every time we came out. Every single game we were fired up. It's a funny thing that I have never got that feeling again. That was the best feeling I have ever had." - Michael Young

Q. What in your opinion happened in Albuquerque?
We couldn't convert on the front end of our 1 and 1's at the end of the game. That is the real reason we lost the game. Also, when North Carolina State in-bounded the ball at mid-court, Bennie Anders got his hands on the ball and that caused us to lose our defensive postions down low. We took off toward the other end when we saw Bennie get his hands on the ball.

Q. How often do you get asked that question, and how hard is it on you to get that constant reminder?
I get asked that same question every single day of my life. That's 365 days a year. I am used to it now and it does not bother me any more.

Q. Did it surprise you when I asked that question as the lead in to the interview?
Yeah, I thought I was going to get off today.(laughing)

Q. Who was the all around best player on the Phi Slamma Jamma team? The best pure shooter? Best clutch player? The go to guy?
Michael Young was the best pure shooter on that team. It would be hard to pick a best clutch player because everybody on that team played well when the game was on the line. I would have to say the go to guy would be Akeem Olajuwon. We knew he could take it to the basket if we could get it down low.

Q. How do you feel about Coach Guy V. not being in the Hall of Fame?
I feel terrible. How could he not be in the Hall of Fame. He had 5 Final Four tournaments, and his recognition is past due. This shows no respect to him or the UoH.

Q. Who was the best player you ever had to go against while at UofH?
Darrell Walker of Arkansas was a tough defensive player and had real good offensive talent. Others that I could name that were great players that I played against would be: Terry Teagle of Baylor, Sidney Lowe from NC State, Reggie Williams of Georgetown, and Ricky Pierce of Rice.

Q. Phi Slamma Jamma was so special that I used to get goose bumps on both arms when you guys came out of the tunnel in the big games. Tell me what the feeling was like for you and the other members of the team when ya'll came running out to a full house that was fired up.
We came out fired up every time we came out. Every single game we were fired up. It's a funny thing that I have never got that feeling again. That was the best feeling I have ever had.

Q. How do you assess the current Coogs program under the leadership of Coach McCallum?
Coach is doing a good job of turning the program around. They are doing a much better job of recruiting the local players. Houston has great players and our staff is doing a good job in bringing these players into the program.

Q. Give us your view of the current team, with some player strengths and weaknesses.
Cedric Hensley is the real deal and will give our team some immediate help. He goes to the basket really strong. Dwight Jr. can fly and has a great shot. Anwar will have a presence in the middle by altering and blocking shots. Cedric Fears at the 4 will be real strong on the boards. Ramon Dyer has a really great shot at the 3 position.

Q. Who is the strongest player on the team and what are his numbers?
Louis Truscott is benching 265 and cleaning 215. Some of the new players are going to be real strong after we have had them in the weight program after a year.

Q. Coach Ray seems to be 100% business when I have talked with him. Is he like that all the time?
Yes. Strictly business.

Q. How is the women's team coming along?
Very good, we have great talent from the 1 to the 5. In Chandi Jones, we have one of the top players in the country. Look for this coming season to be an NCAA type of season.

Q. What is your overview of all athletics at the University of Houston today?
We are not where we should be. This is my 5th year back and I have seen good changes and more good coming. We just need to keep working on it.

Q. What do you want to say to the fans today?
Hello! Continue to be Cougars. Support your school in the good times and bad times as well. This helps us bring in better talent.

In closing I would like to thank Michael Young for a great interview, and a fun one I might add. I told Michael after we were finished that was my best interview and the one I enjoyed the most. By sitting one on one with Michael, you can tell he has done a few of these. He is a real pro at it.

A great Cougar for all-time and a man we are thankful to for all the efforts he puts into training and strengthening our athletes in the weight room.

Thanks again.


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