UH WR LJ Castile Interview

"I'm not in the stats and all I just want to do is help my team go back to back and win a big bowl game." - UH WR LJ Castile

LJ Castile Profile

JL - How has your experience at the QB position helped you in adapting to playing WR?
LJC - Helped me to know where the QB wants his WR and how to sit in the holes in a certain defense.

JL - Where will you be playing this season at wideout or in the slot?
LJC - I am second string behind Jeron Harvey at wideout.

JL - How complicated is Coach Briles plays compared to what you had learned prior to coming to UH?
LJC - Well, it's almost the same type of offense, just a little more added to it. So, I'm pretty comfortable with the offense right now.

JL - How did the redshirt year help you transition from HS football to D-1 football?
LJC - Helped me to get use to the speed of D-I football and learn the system of UH.

JL - On the radio the other day, Coach Briles was very complimentary about your athleticism but he also stated how hard you've been working on the field, in the weight room and in the classroom and how that hard work and dedication will serve you well. Are you as confident about that as he is?
LJC - I am very confident I have put in a lot of work to get better on and off the field.

JL - What do the receivers do to develop good hands? Who has the best hands on the team?
LJC - We do drills and just practice. Keeping our eyes on the ball. The way I make sure I don't drop any balls is I think about it like this. "What if the ball was your mother, would you want somebody to drop your mother on the ground?" No!!!

JL - How many touchdowns do you think you'll score this year?
LJC - I'm not in the stats and all I just want to do is help my team go back to back and win a big bowl game.

JL - Can you really punt the ball?
LJC - Yes, I can really punt. I punted all four years in high school.

JL - With James Francis, Michael Ray, Joseph Florence and yourself on the team, do you think people in Galveston County might want to see their LaMarque Cougars now play D-1 football 30 miles from home as Houston Cougars and come in droves to Robertson Stadium? Any Castile caravans?
LJC - Well I really don't know. I'll have a few fans following me, but I can't speak for the rest.

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