Coach Briles talks Cougar football 2007

"...we are honored to be able to put on the Cougar colors and represent this great university and all the folks that have passion for UH." - UH Head Coach Art Briles

JS - One constant is that change will always be there, and this season will be a season of change for the Houston Cougars. I thought we would let Coach Briles bring us up to date on some changes in the 2007 Coogs.
AB – For the 2007 season – some personnel may be different, but our drive and vision remains the same.

JS - Coach, it is an exciting time for Cougar football coming off of a big C-USA Championship. What can the fans look for this coming season?
AB - Our fans were a tremendous benefit last year – they definitely made Robertson Stadium our home field – we need that boost from our Cougar faithful every time we step out on the home turf – our conference title was directly related to our hungry, livid fans that night – thanks to you all.

JS - Replacing a great four year starter like Kevin Kolb has to be a fairly tough assignment and undoubtedly at the center of your focus. How is that going?
AB - Kevin did an outstanding job for our program – both on and off the field – that position will be someone that understands the responsibilities it requires – our offense has many determined, experienced players that will rise up.

JS - Do you anticipate playing more than one QB in the Oregon game?
AB - The next few weeks will determine where we stand on playing multiple QBs – I'm not opposed to the idea.

JS - Another big pair of shoes to fill would be those of Vincent Marshall. Do we have someone to step up and fit that role for the offense?
AB - Vincent also did an outstanding job for four years receiving and returning kicks – we have players that will communally fill that roll.

JS - Give our fans a brief review and progress report on the young players coming up that will be playmakers in our passing game this season and beyond.
AB - We are very proud of our freshmen players, not only on the field with their abilities and attitude, but in the classroom as well.

JS - Assessing the talent in the program at this time, what changes in our offense will we see in Oregon?
AB - We will still be an aggressive run-pass offense – we'll adjust in some areas, but won't be that noticeable.

JS - What was the feeling on the field at the Liberty Bowl when ya'll came out of the locker room and saw that huge crowd of Cougars that had made the trip to Memphis?
AB – A tremendous feeling of humility – our fans were very excited and loyal and we must continue to earn that support.

JS - That Liberty Bowl game made a statement that we can play with anybody, and I think this is testament to the strides you and your staff have made in the last four years. How is the staff feeling about the program this fall?
AB - We have always felt that we can win every time we step on the field - that will never change.

JS - We are following your recruiting closely this summer and feel we are getting some really talented and top rated talent committing to us this year? We understand that you cannot talk about individuals during recruiting, but how do you and your staff feel about the way this class is shaping up?
AB - Our success and respect around the country as a football program has definitely had a huge impact on our recruiting.

JS - Houston is the coaches pick to take the West and play in the Championship game again this year. Any added pressure?
AB - Never pressure – it is always our expectation.

JS - We have some changes in the OL this year, how do you feel like we are progressing in this area this summer?
AB - The offensive line will be the strength of our offense this year.

JS - Our defensive front is an experienced unit and a lot of our fans are outright giddy with expectations for an improved defensive unit this fall. How much improvement do you expect this year. BTW, one of our astute posters pointed out the other day in a post that four years ago we gave up 36 points a game and in 2006 that was down to 23.
AB - We understand as a staff and team that to win championships, we must be a dominate defensive football team – Coach Weddell and the defensive staff have our players prepared to dominate this year.

JS - Coach, you have done an amazing job with this program in a short period of time and we fans have expanded chests when we talk about our Cougars these days. We're real proud for you, our staff and our athletes. Keep up the good work and let's go get another C-USA Championship.
AB - Thanks maddog – we are honored to be able to put on the Cougar colors and represent this great university and all the folks that have passion for UH.


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