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"I was very emotional as the final seconds ticked off that clock last December when the Coogs won the Conference USA Championship in front of the largest crowd in Robertson Stadium history. I have to admit I was one of those many thousands rushing the field after that game. I had to go down there and celebrate with them because I never got to feel it when I was in uniform." - Kade Lane

DD - Kade, I found your name listed as an assistant coach for Cy-Woods HS while attending your game versus Marshall HS of Marshall, Texas. That was an amazing game as the Cy-Woods JV routed Marshall's Varsity team 63-28. Tell us about that and its effect on the team.
KL - Based on the fact that Marshall High School is a strong program that has been in the state championship game two out of the last three years, we pumped them up for this game since the off-season. We got up on them early and had a great offensive and defensive scheme that helped us control the game. Those kids felt like they were on top of the world at the end of the game. We have two more games versus varsity teams this year: Coldsprings HS and Wimberly HS, two teams selected to win their district in the off-season. If we maintain the same intensity that we had against Marshall, I think you will see big things from these kids the rest of this season and next year when we have a full varsity schedule.

NOTE: Cy-Woods beat the Coldsprings Varsity by a score of 35-16.

DD - What position(s) do you coach?
KL - I coach the defensive ends.

DD - How did your experiences at UH help you in coaching young players in high school?
KL - The coaches that I had at UH set the tone in helping me get a better aspect of the game of football. They worked technique with us so much on the defensive line that I translate those techniques to my players.

A lot of guys in high school can get by if they are athletic, but I want them to improve technically so if they get to play on the next level, it will be a smooth transition to a faster game.

DD - How long have you wanted to coach at the high school level?
KL - When I was in high school, I loved my coaches. Their love for the game was incredible. As a high school player, I also wanted to follow my dad's footsteps by playing college football, then coaching at the high school level.

DD - Does Cy-Woods have any D-1 prospects coming up?
KL - We have some great athletes, but we also have some great kids. They listen to me because they want to become better players and better students. Some of our kids don't have the prototypical height/weight/strength/speed combinations, but they are hard workers that want to do what's right to help their teammates above themselves. I tell them all the time that I wasn't highly recruited out of high school, but with hard work and dedication, UH came around and gave me a shot. Another thing is that these kids are juniors and younger, so by the time they grow up and mature, I wouldn't be surprised if we sign quite a few letters of intent in the next few years.

DD - Tell me about your QB, Lucas DeVilliers. I've known Lucas for a while and used to give him a ride to Ray McCallum's basketball camp a few years ago with my son a few other friends.
KL - Lucas is a great kid. He has a good arm and runs well. The off-season and track season have done him wonders from last year to this year. Our offensive coordinator Curtis Neill, who by the way, played his college ball on the other side of Scott Street, has taken him under his wing. Lucas makes good reads in an offense that is similar to UH's offense of late. He might be a guy Coach Montgomery should take a look at when he recruits this area in the off-season.

DD - What are your goals concerning coaching? What do you see as your next step?
KL - As of right now, I am a young coach with my one specialty being defensive line play. In the future, as I learn more about different positions on the field, I would like to coach them to broaden my horizons. Ultimately, I would like to become a defensive coordinator, but I know that I need to continue to learn the intangibles when it comes to coverage and fits from a defensive standpoint. Lucky for me, I am surrounded by some other great defensive coaches that teach.

DD - How much of an influence were your parents in deciding to coach high school?
KL - My parents are my number one influence that I went into this profession. My mom is a teacher and has been for 30+ years. My dad was a teacher and coach in high school for 25 years. Education is a big part of my family, and I really can't see myself doing anything else.

DD - My wife and I had met your mom during your playing days and really enjoyed visiting with her, tell us a little about your family.
KL - Aside from my parents, I have an older sister and an identical twin brother. Also, this past June, I was married to my high school sweetheart, Charlene. If you met my mom at a game, chances are Brooke, Brady, and Char were there too. Family means a great deal to me, and even though I don't play any more, they still come watch my games as if I was still on the field rather than the sidelines. They see me as a reincarnation of my father down there, which make me very proud. They are very supportive and loving people, and I would not be the man I am today without them.

DD - I see that you are teaching Algebra, criminy, I earned a BA so that I didn't have to take it, how did this develop?
KL - I have always been a "math" person. Math was always one of my stronger subjects. When I was in high school and decided that coaching was something I wanted to do, my mom told me that if I just taught PE or Health, then it would be harder to find a job. "If you teach math, you will be able to find a job anywhere," she always said. "Everyone is going to be looking to hire math teachers." After I graduated, I even tutored some athletes in the UH Athletic Department for about a semester, and it worked out pretty well.

DD - How many UH games did you get see last season?
KL - Last year, I went to seven games. The game at Rice and six home games. Matt Schirmer, my ex-roommate/ex-teammate, and I would be screaming in the endzone bleachers almost every game with lots of other Cougar fans.

DD - You were one of the building blocks to last season's C-USA Championship, I'm thinking that had to really feel good for you to see it happen.
KL - It was incredible watching all those guys work so hard, and finally see all their hard work pay off. I was very emotional as the final seconds ticked off that clock last December when the Coogs won the Conference USA Championship in front of the largest crowd in Robertson Stadium history. I have to admit I was one of those many thousands rushing the field after that game. I had to go down there and celebrate with them because I never got to feel it when I was in uniform. I hugged all the players and coaches that I could find, and it felt good because they were as glad to see me as I was to be down there with them again.

DD - Which former and/or current UH players are you staying in touch with? Coaches?
KL - I still see a lot of former teammates around when I get a chance to go to home games. Some others that I still stay in contact with that come to mind are Matt Schirmer and Matt Mattox, who were my roommates for most of my time at UH, Travis Griffith, and Anthony Evans. Most of my former coaches that I still see are no longer with UH. Every time I got to a coaching clinic or coaching school, I always seem to run into Jason Phillips, Clay Jennings, and Oscar Giles.

DD - Is there anything else that you would like to say to the CoogFans out there?
KL - Thanks for all of your support. It is nice to know that there are still those diehard fans out there that are supporting you through thick and thin. Keep up the good work. I will be there whenever I can to support the Coogs as well. Also, thanks for the opportunity to answer a few questions about a program and a school that is very dear to my heart.

Go Coogs!

Kade Lane

Wow, Kade, that was fun. We at CoogFans wish you every success and will keep a eye on your career going forward. Thank you for the update.

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