BB's Restaurant - owner Brooks Bassler

Brooks calls his eats "A Taste of Cajun Gulf Coast Country."

Located on the northwest corner of Montrose at Westheimer, one door north of the Valero service station at 2710 Montrose, the phone number is (713) 524-4498.

Eunice, a girlfriend and I had the opportunity to visit Brooks' new restaurant on 1-9-08 and I have to admit it was a very pleasant surprise. The menu is loaded with creative Cajun dishes and we indulged with three appetizers, and three entrees. It was delicious and we had a a lot of fun tasting these unique recipes. This is a must stop for all Cougars, and Brooks has seen the business grow steadily after it's opening of six weeks ago.

Brooks calls his eats "A Taste of Cajun Gulf Coast Country."

We tried several appetizers and a couple of entrees to get a good taste, and enjoyed everything ordered. The food is spicy, not necessarily hot, while very tasty and new and exciting.

Our favorite is: The Atachafalaya Threesome which consists of:
1. Boudin Balls - Cajun style sausage battered and fried.
2. Loaded Pollo Bullets - Mini chicken tenders stuffed with peppers and cheese wrapped in bacon.
3. PimpNpeppers - Fried jalapenos stuffed with bacon, shrimp and cheddar cheese.

Also noteworthy is a couple of entrees - Shrimpalada and Midnight Masterpiece.

You guys are gonna love this cozy little restaurant.

Take a look at the menu:

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