Cody Thibodeaux

Sophmore RB Cody Thibodeaux is ready to go after dealing with a pulled hamstring through most of this season, CoogFans got to speak with him recently.

Here's a brief interview with Cody Thibodeaux, who was rated as the 33rd best recruit in the state of Texas for 2001 by Lone Star Recruiting and was a consensus Top 100 player by every recruiting service.

DD – Cody, how is the hamstring that you pulled before the Rice game in two-a-days?
CT – It is all worked out now and I'm back at 100 percent, it has taken quite a while to get it healed completely.

DD – Coach Dimel told me a couple of weeks ago that you would be playing special teams to start getting in the flow of things again, do you expect to carry the ball soon?
CT – Well, I don't know just yet. Like I said, it has taken a long time to get back to 100 percent and I'm just working my way back into the flow of things through the special teams right now. This is the role I need to play at this point on my way back. If they call my number, I'm ready to carry the ball (big smile).

DD – Which special teams are you participating on now?
CT – At this point, just the kick-off return team.

DD – It must have been rough sitting all this time out waiting for the hamstring to heal.
CT – It was really tough, waiting and wanting to get back into action. It has had one benefit though, I've been able to work on my studies more and that is going well.

DD – What are you studying?
CT – Sociology.

DD – Is the linebacker experiment over?
CT – I think it is. I went both ways in high school and it was an effort to see where I could get on the field the fastest. Now, I'm ready to carry the ball.

DD – Speaking of high school, how did Winnie do in the playoffs this season?
CT – Well, they lost in the first round by a field goal, too bad.

DD – Tell us about the Cincinnati game from your perspective.
CT – They jumped on us early. We have had trouble all season finishing games and that made it really tough at Cincinnati. We didn't deal with the adversity very well.

DD – There has been a lot of talk about the players quitting on this team, is that true?
CT – No, that is not true, there is no quit on this team.

DD – Having played defense, what can you tell us about our current defense?
CT – They are giving it their best effort, that is for sure.

DD – How is the RB situation shaping up for next season?
CT – We should be strong with Anthony Evans, Jackie Battle, Carl Francis and me in the mix.

DD – How does the team feel about these last two home games?
CT – We expect to win.

Cody thanks for spending some time with me today. Good luck this weekend with South Florida.

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