Barrick Nealy

"I want to throw the ball. We have been more run oriented this season, but I want to throw the ball around and next season, we are going to have some great receivers." - Barrick Nealy

I got a few minutes with QB Barrick Nealy and here are his thoughts on this week's events and our offensive prospects for the 2003 season.

DD – Barrick, what are your thoughts on Dave Maggard's decision to terminate Coach Dimel this past Sunday?
BN – Well, I don't want to say he got a raw deal, but like Coach Dimel has said, there has been a big improvement around here based on what I've seen since I've been here. All I know is Mr. Maggard has made a decision and he is the boss. The only thing that I can do is to try and keep the other guys up and try to make the best of the situation that we are in now.

For me, it is hard, Coach Dimel brought me here to be the QB in his system and this program, I appreciate that a lot. I feel that if he would have had another year, I think, he probably would have been a hero next year. Not being able to play a full year for the coach that brought me into the program is hard and sad. I really feel bad for Coach Dimel, he is a good guy.

DD - How has the team taken this?
BN – Yeah, there has been a lot of disappointment. We all have developed close relationships with Coach and his staff. The team is really down right now and I'm going to try to be there to bring the guys together and get really ready to beat Louisville. We've all talked about it and are there for each other, it is all we can do about it right now.

DD – How is your knee rehab going?
BN – The knee is fine, it is going to be a fast recovery. Right now, I'm putting my faith in the Lord and waiting for that supernatural healing. I'll be there in the Spring.

DD – What type of offensive scheme would you prefer?
BN – I want to throw the ball. We have been more run oriented this season, but I want to throw the ball around and next season, we are going to have some great receivers. With a new coach coming in no one really knows for sure what to expect.

DD – It looks like you are going to have a great offensive line next season. What are your thoughts?
BN – Oh yeah, I feel real good about the guys up front. We are going to have a lot of experience on the offensive line next season. With Rex Hadnot and Al James up there, I'm feeling real good about dropping back in the pocket.

DD – Have you talked with Al about his knee?
BN – I talked to Al this morning, we rehab together every morning. He's healing very well and quickly.

DD – What about those receivers you mentioned a few minutes ago?
BN – We will have a young group receivers, they are exciting with a lot of speed. Add in Brandon Middleton and Johnny Tyson and it is looking very good.

DD – Maddog and I ran into Anthony Evans and Cody Thibodeaux a few minutes ago, what do you think about the running backs that you will be playing with?
BN – Oh yeah, Anthony has gotten a lot of experience this season and will be a big part of the offense. Cody really hasn't had an opportunity this year because of his hamstring, but he is a punishing back. We have not evened mentioned Jackie Battle and he will be a very good one as well.

DD – Well, we have covered everything but the tight ends, your thoughts?
BN – With Matt Mattox and Jon Clark we are stacked at TE.

DD – I guess the rehab has allowed more time for your studies, how is that going?
BN – Actually, to be honest with you, it has been harder because when I'm trying to study all I can think about is being out there with my team. I've had more time for school, but it has been harder than if I was participating in practices or on the road with the team.

DD – Saturday you came out to the CoogFans tailgate after the game and I want you to know that our fans really appreciate that a great deal.
BN – Oh yeah, I love meeting the fans and the alumni. I love all that. I feel bad that we didn't reward them with more wins this season. I'll be working hard to make sure we win a lot of games next season, they deserve that from us.

Barrick, as always, thanks for spending some time with me today. Good luck with your rehab and the fans are excited about your return.

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