Coach Jeffcoat interview

"The University of Houston is a great place to be and I love being in Robertson when the fans start getting noisy, it's a great atmosphere." - UH Coach Jim Jeffcoat

JS - What excites you about your job at UH?
JJ - What excites me is the kids and other coaches all working hard at one goal. Also, being with a great group of coaches. The University of Houston is a great place to be and I love being in Robertson when the fans start getting noisy, it's a great atmosphere.

JS - Watching the Armed Forces Bowl game, I was impressed with the speed of our defensive line in the 4th quarter. Also, it looked like I saw a new face or two. What did you see?
JJ - I saw our seniors stepping up big, and our younger players were following their lead.

JS - Some of our fans have suggested we are undersized in the D-line, your comments to that?
JJ - I don't worry about that. I worry about guys out of shape who can't run. With Isaiah Thompson, Michael Ray, Kelvin King and DeAnthony Sims coming in with what we have returning I have to think we have good size and people that can move around.

JS - If we are undersized in the front four, what are your thoughts and schemes to stabilize that group?
JJ - In today's game you expect freshmen to come onto campus ready to play. The are taught more complex defensive schemes than 10-15 years ago and they have access to weight rooms that have them in excellent shape when they come in. We expect freshmen to have an opportunity to play in their first year now.

JS - Coach, we're in the middle of off-season and the obvious question our fans want to hear answers to are: Who stepped up this spring in the D-line and who do you expect to step up this fall?
JJ - Thompson had a tremendous spring as did David Hunter and Tyrell Graham.

JS - How did the red shirt freshmen look in the spring season, and are any of them ready to compete for starting positions or playing time?
JJ - We didn't have any red shirt freshmen, but we do have some promising freshmen coming in that will have an opportunity to play this year. We expect to see DeAnthony Sims, King, Zeke Riser, and Radermon Scypion competing for some playing time.

JS - What is your assessment of the talent level this year compared to last year?
JJ - Our athleticism is improving big time this past spring and we expect to improve over the season and get even better next spring. Preparing these young guys for playing is in place and we are teaching them what is expected of them.

JS - When we see a run oriented offense like Oklahoma State, what adjustments do you make in the game plan to try and stop them?
JJ - What hurt us was when they went to an up tempo and we need to be ready and recognize what they are doing. We can't be standing around looking at this, we must be prepared to see it when it happens. It's my job to have them prepared and we will be much better prepared this year.

JS - How do the freshmen linemen look? And do we have any that look like an early star?
JJ - They are all looking real good and Raderman is impressive.

JS - Do you anticipate any of the true freshmen playing an integral role this season?
JJ - Yes, at this time they all have a chance to play, according to how they learn and prepare.

JS - How would you grade yourself on coaching last year?
JJ - I don't grade myself, but I want to be better this year and then again the next year until I am the best.

Thanks Coach for visiting with CoogFans today. Thanks to you and the rest of our staff for the outstanding job ya'll are doing for UH. Have a great season.


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