Strength and Conditioning Coach Larry Jackson

"We practice four quarter training. We don't care what someone can do one time, we look to train our players so they can still go full speed in the 4th quarter of a game. We look for them to have stamina." - UH Strength and Conditioning Coach Larry Jackson

JS - Coach, I thought we would start off and give the fans some insight into the individual and character of some of our athletes. So here goes:
JS - Who has the greatest explosive power?
LJ - Matt Nicholson

JS - Who is the funny one?
LJ - Chris Thompson

JS - The best six-pack?
LJ - L.J. Castile

JS - Strongest in the weight room?
LJ - Jared AndersonJarve Dean, & Carl Barnett

JS - Strongest squat?
LJ - L.J. Castile

JS - Always happy?
LJ - Case Keenum

JS - Mr. Serious?
LJ - Matt Nicholson

JS - Mr. Personality?
LJ - Chris Thompson

JS - What changed since Coach Sumlin has taken over with Briles moving on, and do you agree with the fans that we are bringing in better athletes?
LJ - Coach Sumlin is very professional and very well organized. He not only knows all the moves he wants to make today, he knows the moves through all the steps of accomplishments. He knows it like he is playing a chess game. He is always well prepared and YES the athletes coming in now under Sumlin are extremely strong and talented.

JS - C-USA has really changed over the last 5 years and has turned into a pass happy conference. How does this effect your routines and practices in the weight room?
LJ - We practice four quarter training. We don't care what someone can do one time, we look to train our players so they can still go full speed in the 4th quarter of a game. We look for them to have stamina.

JS - You hear that some players can run fast in pads and others are slowed by pads. What causes this and what can a player do to overcome this?
LJ - What causes it is they are not used to carrying this extra weight. Mobility training corrects this. Resistance mobility training, such as pulling a sled behind you helps you to carry extra weight and we call this progressive overload.

Coach Jackson when he was with the Dolphins.

JS - Give our fans your take on the different techniques you use in the weight room on the speed wide receivers and backs compared to the linemen.
LJ - Linear speed towing behind the receivers and backs while the linemen are performing linear pushing the weights. Linemen lock up with their opponent and push them ten feet.

JS - I think all of our fans are curious about how Patrick Edwards is recovering from his dreadful injury in Marshall. Could you please bring us up to date on his progress?
LJ - He's 100 percent back. He is the silent assign. He is a workhorse.

JS - Our offensive line has a bunch of new faces, give us an idea on how they stack up compared to the exiting seniors of 2008.
LJ - The new faces on the OL are extremely talented and very strong. They are close enough that they are ready to take the field. They are a dedicated group.

JS - Our defensive line is getting most of the attention of the fans this summer. How fast can they develop into a competitive unit like the graduating seniors from last year?
LJ - It's a very talented group and we all feel good with JJ coaching these young players. The freshman Sims will be a player and I look at The surprise of the group could be Zeke Rizer, he‘s a hard worker, and Radermon is real quick. Campbell goes 100 miles an hour at 280 and is very strong.

JS - The secondary, linebackers and DB's have become a strength on the defensive side of the ball since Coach Sumlin arrived. Do you agree with that thought?
LJ - Yes, Coach has put a lot of emphasis on this since he arrived.

JS - Our schedule is front end loaded this year so our young lines will get early challenges. What are your thoughts approaching this season?
LJ - Our players want to play good teams. Preparation is our goal, because big games are important to us.

JS - There has been some talk about playing in Reliant to attract some bigger name teams. What is your thinking on this?
LJ - We don't care where we play. We want their players to get tired before ours.

Thanks Coach for what I think is a great interview, Our players are working with one of the finest strength coaches in the nation and I'm sure they feel like the fans that you are the right guy to lead these young men in conditioning and strength training. We feel you are a great asset to this staff. Thanks for all you do.


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