Interview with Brian Hodges

"We are all excited and ready to get started. We were dead at the time this happened and now Coach Briles has us all fired up. We believe we can win with Coach Briles leading the way." - Brian Hodges

Q. What is the mood of the team with all of the coaching changes?
We are all excited and ready to get started. We were dead at the time this happened and now Coach Briles has us all fired up. We believe we can win with Coach Briles leading the way.

Q. Tell us about your size & strength.
I am 6'1" 195 4.45 from Coppell and I will be playing free safety this fall. I am a junior in classification and will be playing in Hanik Milligan's position. My bench press is 380 and I am squatting 475.

Q. Why did you transfer from OU?
I left Oklahoma for Houston because here I have a better opportunity to play than I did at Oklahoma. I was behind a consensus 2nd team All American named Brandon Everage and he is still there next season.

Q. What do you know about Coach Briles defense you will be running this spring and next fall?
We will run a multiple 4-3-4 defense, and I think it is a good defense against the run because we will have 3 backers in front of the secondary. This is important because they have to get by two defenders before we have to step up and make the play. This gives us an extra moment to be in position to close and make the hit.

Q. Do you like playing in a 4-3 better than the 4-2 that we used a year ago?
Yes, I like the 4-3 better and think it is a better overall scheme with the three backers instead of two in front of the safeties. I think we will be better suited to defend the run this coming season. When we face a running team we will use this set and when we face a passing team we will be in the nickel defense.

Q. How talented is our team in your opinion and how good can we be this coming fall?
It is obvious we have the talent. I think we have the talent level that they had at OU when I was there. The problem here is that we didn't have team leadership. Coach Briles is the type of coach that can show you how it's done and he is a very good teacher of the game. I think the wins will come in under his leadership.

Q. You worked against the scout team this past season against some of the most dangerous receivers we have had at UofH in over a decade. Tell us what it is like to work against these speedsters?
Lol. Those guys are not easy to cover. Leonard Gibson and Chad McCullar are burners and tough to catch. I think those two guys along with Brandon Middleton will play big roles for us next year.

Q. How do you rate your experience at UofH and Houston?
Losing is hard and that made my first year here hard. Other than that, the school part is good and the facilities are top notch. UofH is a great school.

Q. What will your degree be in when you graduate?
I am studying History and Political Science and plan on moving on to Law School when I graduate.

Q. Who is the toughest man to bring down on the Coog's offense?
Last year it was Chris Robertson and now that he is graduating I think it would be Chad McCullar. After the catch he has the moves to make you miss. He is really fast and runs in all directions. It is really hard to get a hold on him.

Q. What would you like to tell CoogFans today as we close out the interview?
We need our fans to support us and without that support it is not good for the team or the University.

Thanks to Brian for spending time with us today. He made quite an impression on the outgoing staff last year and I'm sure he will do the same with the new staff. Keep you eyes on #3 this coming fall, and I don't think he will disappoint any of us. He is a big time hitter and works hard on his game. He also has the speed to close quickly. I believe he will have a big year for UofH in 2003.


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