John "WE WILL WIN" Harrell

"I believe in what ever that man (Briles) says. If he says it can be done, then it can and will be done. He told me 'John we're going to build a winner and we're going to do it fast.'" - John Harrell

Meet Mr. John "WE WILL WIN" Harrell and get his views on his recruitment and the 2003 and beyond Cougars, enjoy.

DD - Tell us a little about your Stephenville team, the Jacket's mystic and the highlights of this past season.
JH - Well, we didn't make it as far as I'd hoped, but I have been on varsity for three years and it's always been great playing for Stephenville. We were a team of boys you hated and wanted to beat so bad. I love having other teams hate me and my team because when they stop hating you and trying to cut you down in the papers, that's when you know your teams not very good anymore. Our defense was called the "Wardogs" and the song... Who let the Wardogs out.... was a favorite for our fancans!

DD - What other activities/sports do you participate in currently?
JH - I am presently powerlifting making this my fourth year. I also played baseball for the last three years and received the honor of 1st Team All-District, but I am going to take this spring off and get ready for football.

DD - What hobbies or other interests do you have?
JH - I like to hunt. I haven't had the opportunity to fish a whole lot, but Kolb and I are going to this spring. I'm a big movie lover, it doesn't matter what kind unless it's a romance. I like the good ole shoot 'em up kinds. I also enjoy the water and swimming. A good book now and then. And I have always enjoyed most music. I like nearly all sports.

DD - Who recruited you for UH and how did that develop?
JH - Well, Coach Giles really recruited me, he recruited me before he came down to Houston. He was recruiting me at SMU, but when I heard that Coach Briles was headed to Houston and the coaching staff he was putting together it was just a deal I wouldn't pass up!!! "WE WILL WIN."

DD - What was attractive to you about coming to Houston, the university and the city?
JH - I really like the city. It's huge, but has that small town atmosphere. All the people were real nice and helpful, the campus was great, I love the work out facilities and the players seemed ready to work hard to obtain our goals! Along with a great coaching staff, I'd say, the key for a perfect combination!

DD - How much did the hiring of Art Briles play into your decision?
JH - I would say almost 100%. I believe in what ever that man says. If he says it can be done, then it can and will be done. He told me "John we're going to build a winner and we're going to do it fast."

DD - It must be a thrill to be part of Coach Briles' first class, how does it feel?
JH - I am excited, it feels like I'm already at home. I respect Coach Briles and the coaches and that makes a huge difference. I have complete confidence that "WE WILL WIN."

DD - What was your recruiting visit like, what took place?
JH - They showed us around the city and the campus, answered all our questions and feed us great! They showed us a future.

DD - Do you want to play right away or would you prefer to redshirt?
JH - That's really not my call, I mean sure I want to play right now every football player does, but if they think it will make us better down the road to redshirt, then I will take my redshirt year, lift harder than I have ever, run my butt off, and get ready to dominate as a redshirt freshman.

DD - What are your current physical attributes (height, weight, 40-time, etc.)?
JH – I am 18 years old today (02/27/03), 6'2", 280 lbs. The last time I ran the 40, I ran a 4.9. Squat 650, bench 350, vertical jump 24".

DD - Tell us a little bit about your teammate Kevin Kolb.
JH - Well, Kolb and I have been friends all our high school days. We went to different towns our middle school years. We hang out a lot. We lift, run, play basketball, ping pong and hunt.

DD - Who are the next Stephenville HS football stars?
JH - It's really hard to say, I mean there are a bunch of boys that are great football players, but we will have to watch what they do in off-season, and how they play this year.

DD - What do you plan to study at UH?
JH - Football, Sports Broadcasting, Coaching.

DD - Whether you know it or not, you have given all Cougar fans a new mantra with "WE WILL WIN." It is quite popular indeed. Have you noticed its use on CoogFans and did this just pop into your head one day or what?
JH - Well, actually it's in a Metalica song. I listen to this song before every game. It's really not a fast beat song but the words just get your blood pumping. The reason I say WE WILL WIN is because in the song somebody doesn't think they will win. And the guy grabs him up and says, listen Damn it WE WILL WIN and that's where I got it. I do like it though that y'all use the mantra and I insist that you keep saying it, because once we get the town to believe then we're going somewhere.

DD - Do you have anything that you would like to tell the CoogFans out there?
JH - Believe in your boys of Houston. No matter how bad it looks, or how close it gets, always believe that we will come out with the win. It's not over until we say it's over.

John, thank you for letting the CoogFans get to know a little about you and "WE WILL WIN!".

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