Interview with DL Coach Jim Jeffcoat

Enjoy the players this is a great group who represent UH well and thanks for your for your support without you there is no us!!!!!!!

JS - Coach, we will be in a 3-4 this season. Why have we changed from the traditional 4-3 alignment?
JJ - It gives us a chance to utilize our depth at LB and to give offenses a more difficult look.

JS - How is Zeke Riser coming along with his rehab? Can he be ready by the start of the season?
JJ - Talking to Zeke he is doing very well in his Rehab I would be surprised if he is ready by the beginning of the season it was a severe injury.

JS - Tell us a little about the new faces on the defensive line rotation this coming season.
JJ - Mantagi Tonga is a very talented player who should be very effective in this style of Defense. Tyrone Campbell had a very good spring and continues to improve, as well as Radermon Scypion and Doug Winfield. DeAnthony Sims and Ameen Bebahani have to step it up and give us quality minutes this year.

JS - Do you see any incoming freshmen or red shirt freshmen breaking into the rotation this year?
JJ - That will be determined by how they adjust to college football and how prepared they are for the rigorous of college life.

JS - What is your take on the juco transfers, Sammy Brown and Matangi Tonga. Do you consider these two players different makers.
JJ - Both players did a very good job in the spring. They will be an asset to our program from a leadership and performance standpoint.

JS - Assess your defensive line overall talent level compared back to when you joined this staff.
JJ - This line is different, we had veteran players on that front. Matangi and David Hunter who is making tremendous strides are the best players and have taken the young players under their wings. We are still young in our depth but the younger players are improving.

JS - Would you agree that our strength on defense is our linebackers?
JJ - Yes, without a question and that is the way it should be with a 3-4.

JS - It is almost hard to believe how momentum swings were so dramatic last season in the two losses to UTEP and Central Florida. How can you explain such swings?
JJ - When you play so many young player you will have swings. As they mature there will be less of those swings.

JS - What expectations do you have for the upcoming season on defense?
JJ - We must improve on our run defense and improve on putting consistent pressure on the opposing QB and also create more turnovers.

JS - Conference championships don't come easy. Do you think we are ready for a championship run?
JJ - Preparation and not taking anything for granted will give us the opportunity to challenge for a championship.

JS - What would you like to tell today?
JJ - Enjoy the players this is a great group who represent UH well and thanks for your for your support without you there is no us!!!!!!! Also like I tell my players my bark is way worse than my bite. I enjoy UH.

Thanks for spending some time with CoogFans today. Good luck this season and we at Coogfans will make some noise for you guys.


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