"Idaho is getting a great player."

THE VANDALS NEED TO REPLACE TWO GRADUATING SENIOR RECEIVERS who were instrumental to the 2010 Idaho offense, and part of that rebuilding process will begin with Valley Christian two-way star CAMRYN HARRIS (6-1, 180). A two-time All-League selection, Harris has started at wide receiver, RB and QB offensively, DB defensively, and all special teams units, and gave his verbal pledge to the Vandals.

PLAYER PROFILE: Camryn Harris, 6-1, 180, 4.6-40

Last week news broke that Valley Christian High School (Calif.) senior Camryn Harris made a verbal commitment to the Vandals. To confirm the reports, GoVandals.net contacted Valley Christian head coach John Parrella for an update.

And yes, for those of you that know a thing or two about Nebraska football, we mean THAT John Parrella. The Second Team All-American for the 'Huskers and the 2nd Round NFL draft pick (Buffalo Bills) who enjoyed a thirteen year career in the NFL and became a 2001 inductee into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame.

The head coach and former defensive tackle didn't mince any words.

"He's excited, he committed to Idaho," Coach Parella told GoVandals.net today about his star receiver, Camryn Harris, picking the University of Idaho. "He's real excited. That's been a team that's been hot on him from day one, and he's real excited to be playing up there."

A two way starter for the Coach Parrella and the Vikings, Harris rarely left the field. He was a weapon on offense who played wide receiver, quarterback, and even some runningback in his career at VC, and was a ball-hawking DB who earned All League honors as a junior.

All this while being almost a year younger than your typical high school senior. Statistically, he gained 582 yards receiving on 40 receptions this season.

"Idaho is recruiting Cam to play receiver," Coach Parrella said. "He's a special receiver, and the beauty of him is he's got untapped talent. He just turned seventeen. He's young, and the sky's the limit with him. He's one of the best athletes probably in the entire Bay area down here."

A hefty compliment, especially given Parrella's history.

Idaho wasn't the only school talking to Harris, but they were probably the most aggressive from beginning to end. Idaho tightends coach Al Pupunu, a nine year NFL veteran with the San Diego Chargers, ran recruiting point for the Vandals.

"Cam has had Utah, San Jose State, and Army all out here. Nevada showed interest. He's had quite a few schools display interest, but he fell in love with Idaho and that was it."

"There were some schools who were writing and saying they would be up and wanted to sit down and talk. But Idaho did a wonderful job promoting the school academically, and that small, college town environment where the town revolves around the college. It gave Camryn the same feeling [when he took his official trip up to Idaho a couple weeks ago] of what it is like here. Our school is a small school. Here everyone's family, and I think he had that feeling up there."

SO WHAT KIND OF OFFENSIVE SCHEME did Harris flourish in during his time at VC? He's lined up at almost every specialist position on the Viking offense, including some time at tailback. What set Cam apart from the rest?

"We're an option offense," Coach Parrella told GVN. "If you know anything about Nebraska back in the '90s with Tom Osborne, that's where I went to college, so that's the only offense that I feel comfortable with. I love it -- smash mouth football.

"We were blessed with this receiver on our team, but we've got to try to use him more because he's just so gifted. He's also the best athlete on the field, so we put him at quarterback [earlier this season]. We also had another quarterback transfer in from another school, a pretty good athlete, but we didn't think this would be his year; we thought it would be next year. Well, we got behind in a game and needed to throw the ball to get back into it. We didn't have that receiver that we needed, so we moved Cam back out to receiver, put the new kid in at QB, and Camryn had about 170 yards receiving that game. It was his best game he's ever had here, stats-wise. And there's our future. There's our future at quarterback, and there's that future college All-American at receiver.

"He's that gifted."

Camryn's exploits weren't limited to just the wideout position either. "He played wideout, but he can play the slot. We moved him around a lot. His junior year he also played runningback. We had a game where two of our runningbacks get hurt on consecutive plays, and we moved Cam in to runningback. If he was on the phone he'd say 'Coach, tell them what play we ran.' We ran an ISO right up the gut. That's why when colleges call, I say Cam is the real deal.

"He started both ways for us -- he played receiver for us and he played defensive back. To be honest with you, he can play DB too [at the next level], he can run."

"He did our kickoff and punt returns for us as well."

For all intents and purposes, Harris never left the field.

AND WHAT KIND OF TEAMMATE ARE THE VANDALS GAINING by bringing Harris on board? Posed with this question, Coach Parrella again didn't skip a beat. "Cam is just a real special kid. He's a great young man and he's real grounded. He's not going to go out on the weekend and do stupid things. He's a kid that really understands his goals, what he's trying to accomplish, and makes wise choices. He's a kid that will do anything for you. Everyone just thinks he's a fantastic young man."

"He's not even there yet because of his age," Coach Parrella continued. "Camryn is only seventeen. To be honest he can almost do it all. Athlete would be the term. Played quarterback in an option system, he can play runningback, receiver. He's just a really gifted kid."

"Idaho is getting a great player, but they're getting a great person also."

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