Will the rivalry continue?

STARTING NEXT FALL Idaho and Boise State will be competing in two different conferences; BSU in the Mountain West Conference, and Idaho remaining in the Western Athletic Conference. Both women's basketball coaches were asked about the future of the series and if the rivalry would remain on the schedule.

Sweeping three games over rival Boise State was a highlight of the season for the Idaho Vandals Wednesday night. Idaho head women's basketball coach Jon Newlee, obviously excited about the rivalry game, said, "We talked about that before the game. I said I don't care where it's at – in the WAC tournament or if it's in the regular season or if we're out on the playground. We want to beat Boise State. Our players were pumped up. The rivalry is so intense, and to have it happen in the WAC tournament [completing three-game sweep], I thought just really ramped things up.

"It's a great feeling to beat the Broncos three times. Absolutely. The Vandal Nation should be extremely happy tonight. We are."

The somber emotions, with eyes reddened and swollen from recent tears, seemed sum up how much the game meant to the two BSU players in the post-game media interviews.

Asked if there were plans to keep playing BSU down the road, Newlee said, "They're definitely in my plans. I'm not sure how Boise feels. I think Gordy (coach Presnell) said he needed to talk to the administration to see what's going on. But from our standpoint I would love to keep the rivalry going. I think it's great. I love playing Gordy. They're a classy program. The rivalry is great. We have our best crowds, they have their best crowds.

"I don't see any reason why it shouldn't continue, but that's gonna be out of my hands I'm assuming…We want to do it. I know that."

Presnell had mixed emotions about a continuation of the series. "We haven't talked about that, Jon and I haven't at all. I'm sure after the spring sometime, or this spring sometime, we'll sit down and talk about what different options we have," Presnell said. "There are some areas that appeal to me. I'm originally from that area (Lapwai) and those would be kinda fun in that regard.

"But I'll be honest with you. The type of defense they play, no one else in the whole country plays that defense any more. It doesn't necessarily prepare you for your conference season. It's just like in football, I don't know how many people want to play Air Force and the Wishbone…"

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