Preseason campus tour

IDAHO IS PUTTING THE FINISHING TOUCHES ON OVER $30 MILLION IN RENOVATIONS to the Kibbie Dome (an official unveiling is planned for mid-August), but that isn't the only part of the Idaho campus getting a make-over this off-season. New signage will be apparent to visitors and students alike this fall, easing campus navigation while proudly displaying the University's school colors at every turn.

Many thanks to Mary Margaret Wood for the following images of the Idaho campus.

Above is a first glimpse at the nearly complete new East Wall of the Kibbie Dome, overlooking the practice fields. (See images at the bottom of this page for a timeline comparison of upgrades to the Dome)

New signage pointing the way to facilities on the Idaho campus will help visitors and students better navigate around campus this fall.

New flags emblazoned with a golden "I" in a silver field are now located throughout the Moscow campus.

Also new throughout campus is new signage clearly identifying walking, biking, and parking areas.

Golden "I" flags located on light posts on roads and walkways throughout campus, with associated signage.

Another example of the flags and signage located throughout campus.

Golden "I" flags on the walkway and drive in front of the Student Recreation Center.

BELOW is a timeline comparison of renovations completed on the Dome in the last 10 years, and the transformation this facility has undergone externally along the way.

Kibbie Dome 2011, with nearly complete east endwall remodel.

Kibbie Dome in 2005, showcasing brand new glass-enclosed weight-room (2004) and TWO brand new lighted SprinTurf practice fields with perimeter landscaping (2005).

Kibbie Dome circa 2002, as it looked for about 25 years. To the left is a new storage facility (red brick) that improved operations inside the dome (note the natural grass practice field).

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