Vandal Athletic Center (VAC) Update

Significant progress has been made on the new Vandal Athletic Center addition (which includes a new 7000 square foot weight room). Unfortunately, its the kind of progress that excites only engineers - the functional stuff, not the "ooh and ahhh" appearance stuff. Here's a quick look at what's been done, and a very rough schedule leading towards the project's completion this December/January.

As you will probably notice, the pictures of the Vandal Athletic Center (VAC) addition that are shown below don't look that much different than the photos shown a few weeks ago. But, you may notice that the addition now has a roof and that the back walls have been erected. What you won't notice, but what is critical to this phase, are the following changes:

 Concrete poured on mezzanene level.

 Electrical wiring installed.

 New "electrical feed" for the hydro-therapy equipment installed.

 Plumbing installed.

 Fire suppression system installed.

 New pump house installed.

Starting this week, and really for the remainder of the project, the changes made to the worksite will hopefully be a little bit more noticeable. Slated to be completed over the course of the next couple of weeks is the completion of the brickwork (or at least most of it), and completion of the roof.

A VERY ROUGH schedule for the remainder of fall (and this is really JUST a general "schedule" that can, and probably will, change) looks something like the following:

 By Homecoming (or by Ag Days the following week, which is the weekend of the MTSU game) the windows are expected to be up (or at least their installation will be started) on the exterior walls.

 Mid to late November, the floors should be finished. If possible, there might be tours of the site (no equipment will be installed yet), but that is a big maybe, and the school will release confirmation as the date gets closer.

 Sometime in December, the new equipment for the weightroom and the rest of the facility will arrive.

 By the time students return in January, the weight room is expected to be open for use.

Obviously, there will be fluctuation in the schedule, and tours may or may not be possible, but the goal is to have the project complete (or complete enough) by January.

Above is a slightly closer look at the site. As all of us who are close to the program know, this project is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade to our facilities, and will substantially improve the atmosphere our athletes train in. It also sends a message that Idaho is serious about training its athletes.
On a side note, and just for fun, below is a look at the tailgate parties that happened in the parking lot last weekend when Idaho hosted Boise State at the Dome. Thanks to everyone who went to that game....the atmosphere was electric.

Lets do the same for the TEAM for the remainder of the schedule. The guys are working their tails off, and can use all the home field advantage they can get against North Texas, Middle Tennessee, and Utah State in the season finale.

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