Pourin' the Floorin'

This Phase of the east end addition (which includes a new 7000 square foot weight room) is quickly beginning to take form. With the floor being poured, construction can soon begin to happen both inside and outside the new structure.

Below are 6 photos we received earlier this week showing continued construction of the new 8000 square foot Vandal Athletic Center (VAC) addition, which includes a new 7000 square foot weight room. The weight room is really starting to take form, with most of the supports for the windows in place (several of the pictures are from inside the weight room looking out the "windows"), brick work nearing completion, and now the floor being poured.

As construction continues, we'll continue to post photos here. As always, many thanks to Tom McGann and the rest of the Vandal Athletic Department for keeping us updated on the building's progress.

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