Third Time's the Charm!?

Here we go again! (EDITORS NOTE: founder Ron Reynolds welcomes readers to the site)

November 10, 2001

Well Vandals, here we go again. I'm sure the third time is the charm.

My whole purpose for initiating this site is to keep the Vandal spirit alive and hopefully inspire you to contribute to THE University of Idaho athletic department.

We can not build the program you and I want, without your contributions. If you've found your way to this board you certainly care enough. Some of you will argue that you don't have the money. I say that you do. If you use alcohol or tobacco, if you eat candy or go to the movies, you can find a few cents a week to put away for our Vandals.

This site's intent is to be a money making venture, for yours truly, and However,any monies I make, sans expenses, will go to Vandal Scholarship Fund, VAC or other University of Idaho departments.

Some of the options offered here are free, some are deemed "premium" and, and I, feel justified to charge for those "premium" services. We've all watched internet message boards go broke. One of the ways to keep them alive is to charge a user fee. Hopefully this arrangement will give us the security we want.

This board will give us many options to do several message boards and a bounty of content. In fact, there's so much available that I know but a small portion of it's capabilities.

Being from the analog generation, learning all this "computer" stuff can be daunting mission. My efforts will seem amateurish so please bear with me. Eventually I'll get it and it'll all seem so simple.

A few of you know me personally and most of you know me by my postings on all of our previous boards. You know that I expect everyone, even visitors, to act like educated adults. That means no profanity and no personal insults or attacks. Try to think about what you've said before you hit that enter button. Having a college education, I'm sure you can find a way to "cut to the quick" without vilification. Think William F Buckley or even Bill O'Reilly.

Have fun and Go Vandals!

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