New Strength and Speed Center Getting Equipment

With construction nearing completion, the interior of the Strength and Speed Center is beginning to take form. Commencement of the new center isn't for a few weeks (April 30th, right before the Silver and Gold Game), but we have 3 photos that give a sneak preview of what our athletes have to look forward to this spring.<br> <br> Many thanks to <b>Tom McGann</b> of the Idaho Athletics Department for giving us a quick peak at the facility.

The much anticipated commencement of Idaho's new Strength and Speed Center is fast approaching, and Tom McGann has sent us the pictures to prove it. The new equipment is making its way into this new structure, and Idaho athletes will soon be able to train in a state-of-the-art facility which will rival any in the region.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned to take place on the afternoon of Friday, April 30th (the same day as the Silver and Gold Game). We've heard that the event will kick-off about 4pm in the afternoon, but we will get confirmation of the date and time as plans are firmed up.

The opportunity to see the new Strength and Speed Center for yourself is just one more reason to make plans to attend the Spring Game (again, on Friday, April 30th at 7pm) and take part in the Nick Holt Golf Tournament on Saturday, April 31st. If you have not yet signed up for the golf tournament (an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with coaches and athletic department staff), click on the link below (PDF) for more information.

LINK: Nick Holt Golf Tournament and Sign-Up Form (PDF)

For more information on the Strength and Speed Center, below is link to an excellent, detailed update of the Center which was submitted in February. Click on the link below to read more:

LINK: Strength and Speed Center Update, by LARRY JOHNSON

Enjoy the photographs below, and GO VANDALS!!

(Tom McGann / University of Idaho)

(Tom McGann / University of Idaho)

(Tom McGann / University of Idaho)

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