Nick Holt Open Goes Beyond Expectations

The University of Idaho Athletic Department and the Latah County Vandal Boosters held the first ever Nick Holt Open Golf Scramble on Saturday, May 1st. The entire day's events were best described in two words: beyond expectations.

The organization and volunteer efforts for the Nick Holt Open Golf Scramble were a new record. The record for number of participants (187) was set. The wining score was 21 under par. The monies raised for summer scholarships were another record. But the most noticeable record for the day was a new all-time record for enthusiasm or intensity as in Nick Holt intensity.

You could almost feel a new atmosphere and intensity and expectations throughout the entire event. Past Vandals in attendance were Wayne Walker, Nick Alexcos, Brain Lindgren, Ryan Downs, J.C. Chadband, Sr., and J.C. Chadband, Jr. Further help arrived in the form of near perfect weather conditions, which helped erase the sleet-snow conditions of the past Golf Outings for summer scholarships.

The tournament began at 10:00 A.M. and most play concluded around 4:00 P.M. with all golfers advancing to the Moscow Elks Golf Course for dinner. Dinner was followed by a silent auction and speeches by Joel Thomas, Bob Curtis, and Nick Holt.

The evening's events concluded with Nick Holt leading the crowd with an ultra high volume version of the Vandal fight song. The auctioneering by Bob Curtis was entertaining on its own merits, but the real entertainment and intensity was reminiscent of an old time revival meeting. One booster even shouted: "gimmie that old-time religion".

Coach Holt's intensity level grew and grew and grew, but the effort paid dividends in the thousands of dollars, which were raised by the organization of a Vandal staff, which was led by the effervescent Joel Thomas and the energy that Nick and Julie Holt transmitted into the crowd.

University of Idaho Golf Course
Saturday, May 1, 2004

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