Vandals Dedicate New Weight Room

During the afternoon of April 30th The University of Idaho Athletic Department dedicated the <b>Norm Iverson Strength and Speed Center</b>. Approximately 200 Vandal fans, major donors, parents, and loyal alumni were on hand, including Staff Writer Larry Johnson.<br> <br> It was an outstanding event for a facility that is sure to make a major difference in how Idaho's athletes prepare in the years ahead.

During the afternoon of April 30th The University of Idaho Athletic Department dedicated the Norm Iverson Strength and Speed Center. Approximately 200 Vandal fans, major donors, parents, and loyal alumni were on hand to hear Gary Michael, Rob Spear, and Nick Holt speak of this major step in improving Idaho's athletic facilities. Rob Spear emphasized the need to complete the Vandal Athletic Center (VAC) and that the Strength and Speed Center was the first athletic facility constructed in over 20 years.

Athletics Director Rob Spear speaks at the Norm Iverson Strength and Speed Center dedication.
Norm Iverson was a past player, student, and, above all, a loyal Vandal for decades. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Iverson and his wife during the 2001 Legends Banquet in Seattle. Although the years of Vandal memories were many, his Vandal pride seemed as strong as that of his playing days as a student.

Head football coach Nick Holt addresses the crowd.
Nick Holt stressed the importance of the facility's benefits to all sports and that it not only assisted in recruiting, but also that the state of the art facility actually helped recruit the new conditioning coach, Aaron Osmus from USC. Coach Holt and Gary Michael also thanked the loyal alumni and contributors in attendance with reminders that our work is not yet complete.

The location of the new building provides 180-degree views of one of the core areas of the campus with complete views of the Memorial Gym and practice fields. When the adjacent field turf is installed the entire area will become a unique and scenic location with reciprocal views of the campus and arboretum. The new building is completely integrated into the existing East End Addition and includes a new front entrance to the Idaho Athletic Department. The general student body will be integrated into the facility for certain physical education classes and some graduate student studies and research.

New strength and conditioning head coach coach, Aaron Osmus has already been working with Vandal athletes in the new center.

The new Iverson Center eradicates an age-old problem of scheduling training time and enough equipment for all of the student athletes. This new building includes a HydroWorx hydrotherapy pool that, when installed this summer, will be one of two that are located west of the Mississippi River.

The completion of the Iverson Center also opens the door to build or remodel some facility improvements such as the new 120 seat classroom, football locker room, meeting rooms, women's basketball locker room, Vandal Hall of Fame (and history), and expanded (and much needed) sports medicine area. The generosity of several alumni allowed this project to proceed to its current state. Additional alumni generosity will be required to complete the entire Vandal Athletic Center.

View of the front entrance before the dedication ceremony.

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Larry Johnson /
Larry Johnson /
A couple of views from within the Center.

Larry Johnson /
Aaron Osmus workin' the troups.

Interim University of Idaho President Gary Michael (center) present Robert and Janice Cowan with a golden "I" (a decorated section of one of the I-beams used to build the new facility) in recognition for their gifts to the University to construct this facility, and also for a lifetime of support for the U of I.

Looking out from the second floor of the new Strength and Speed Center.

Looking in from the corner of the facility.

Looking out from under the mezzanine level.

Representatives from the Moscow Chamber of Commerce come to campus to help with the ceremony.

And finally, a before and after comparison...

Congratulations to the Idaho athletic department for making this project happen. And to everyone who donated to this effort, thank you for your generosity.

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