Taking Back Moscow

Inside this edition: Tired of seeing every school color on the palouse drowning out the silver and gold in Moscow? Well, that might be changing... Plus, the Hydrotherapy pool being constructed in the new Iverson Strength and Speed Center is taking form, and we have the photos to prove it!<br> <br>

Vandals taking back Moscow
BY: Gaylen Wood, VandalVenue.com Correspondent

MOSCOW -- There's a new look sweeping the city of Moscow thanks to the hard work of the U of I Athletic Department and the Latah County chapter of Vandal Boosters.

Businesses and homes are now displaying logo signs supporting Vandal athletics. There are presently an estimated 120 signs either on display or on order with more orders coming in daily as Latah chapter president Jim Anderson and chapter members Colleen and Bruce Bumgarner and Jerry Hall continue to canvas the community seeking support for the Vandals.

When first named athletic director at the U of I, Dr. Rob Spear, in an interview with VandalVenue.com, said, "One of my goals is to `get our town back.' I've walked into several establishments in Moscow and Latah County and I see Cougar stuff, but I don't see any Vandal gear or Vandal information, and that is disappointing to me. I think we have got to take care of that."

Mission accomplished. The process started the week of July 12 this past summer when Vandal coaches, athletes, and athletic department members climbed onto the Vandal Trolley and canvassed the Palouse distributing schedules, posters, and Vandal handouts practically on a door to door basis. "A whole group of people went through town with posters," said Hall. "The Vandal trolley went out and covered the town."

Meanwhile, Anderson had an idea to produce Vandal logo signs and got together with Cutting Edge Signs in Moscow to come up with a design and a manufacturing plan. The result was a variety of sizes of signs, some designed to be attached to the side of a structure and others designed to be applied to windows. Anderson had a few signs made up and started to take them to businesses to see if people were interested in displaying them. The signs were also put on display at a meeting the Latah Vandal boosters held in Gennessee, and that's where the Bumgarners first purchased one. Later they joined Anderson in his quest to canvas the community generating interest in the signs.

The Bumgarners estimate about half the city has been covered by the volunteer crew. "So far we haven't covered the entire town, but we're trying to get it done, " they said. "A lot of times when we come into a business with the signs they'll say, `We were wondering when you were going to come'."

Hall said in her rounds to businesses the impact of the Vandal trolley outings this past summer was evident. "People were still talking about meeting Nick Holt. It seemed like he walked the whole town shaking hands with people, introducing himself, and asking people to support the Vandals. He walked the mall shaking hands. A lot of the coaches of the different sports were involved. That impressed people."

Bruce Bumgarner emphasized this is not just about supporting the football program. "A lot of people think football team first, but we tell people this is for all student athletes," he said. "People have been really receptive...they're glad to be asked."

And if anyone thinks only Vandal fans are noticing and responding to the signs, Hall offered this comment: "Two different places (where the signs had already been installed) said athletes came into the store and thanked them for having the signs," she said. The support apparently goes both ways in Moscow as the Vandals work hard to, in the words of Spear, "get our town back."

We've been talking quite a bit over the summer about the new hydro-therapy pool being constructed in the second floor of the Iverson Strength and Speed Center. Construction has been going on for quite some time, and the pool is beginning to take form. Below are two pictures of the Aquatic Exercise pool construction. The Hydro-Works people have been on campus (even working a weekend or 2) building and testing the new structure. In the images below they're putting in the liner, and have been testing the pool for structural soundness.

The next step in the installation process will be to install the adjustable floor and treadmill system.

For more detailed information on the system being installed, click the link below:

HydroWorx 2000: The Ultimate In Aquatic Rehab & Fitness

As we get more information on the pool, we'll keep you updated.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
The pool construction zone.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
Gazing down into the pool.

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