HydroTherapy Pool Construction Continues

With winter fast approaching, the hydrotherapy pool is nearing completion in the Iverson Strength and Speed Center. Running neck-and-neck with the new Vandal Football Locker Room currently under construction, this new state-of-the-art training and treatment facility exemplifies the huge improvement in training our athletes will benefit from in the years ahead.

We've been talking this fall about the new hydro-therapy pool being constructed in the second floor of the Iverson Strength and Speed Center. Construction has been going on for quite some time, and the pool is beginning to take form.

When we last checked in, tile work within the room was currently underway and nearing completion. Below are a series of images showing some of the tilework within the room. As the facility gets closer to completion, we'll be sure to publish an update with more images.

At the very bottom of the page are a couple of images the Aquatic Exercise pool construction. The HydroWorx people have been on campus (even working a weekend or two) building and testing the new structure. In the images at the bottom of the page, they're putting in the liner, and have been testing the pool for structural soundness. Directly below are 4 pictures of a similar system that was installed at NC State, which should give you some idea of what our system, which includes an adjustable floor and treadmill, will be like.

HydroWorx Website
Above is a quick glimpse at a similar system which was installed at North Carolina State University. These pools have been installed by Notre Dame, Arizona, Memphis, Maryland, the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, and a host of others.

For more detailed information on the system being installed, click the link below:

HydroWorx 2000: The Ultimate In Aquatic Rehab & Fitness

As we get more information on the pool, we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below (many thanks to Tom McGann from the University of Idaho for forwarding these photos to us), and stop by and see the center the next time you're on campus.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
Peering into the hydrotherapy room from the Iverson Strength and Speed Center.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
Vandal "I" adorns the wall adjacent to the doorway entering the hydrotherapy room.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
"IDAHO" tiled into wall under windows.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
First set of cabinetry added to this wall. To the right of this cabinet is a doorway which leads to adjacent office space.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
Looking in at the HydroTherapy room from the mezzanine floor of the Iverson Strength and Speed Center.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
The pool construction zone.

Idaho Athletics Department Archive
Gazing down into the pool.

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