Vandal Memorabilia

Any of you Vandal history buffs might enjoy this interesting piece of Vandal history. Please inform the rest of us if I don't quite remember the exact story behind this hat.

While spending the Christmas holidays with my parents in the desert between Las Vegas and Las Angeles I stumbled across this hat in my father's (Idaho '65) office. This hat belonged to my grandfather (Idaho '33).  When I entered the UI in 1984 my Grandfather told me the story behind these hats. During these times all freshmen at the UI wore the hats all of the time while on campus.  The hats were taken off when the UI scored the first touchdown of the season. Looking at my handy media guide it appears that the hat was taken off in the second game of the 1931 season in an 8-9 loss to Washington State.


This is the story behind this hat as I remember it. If anyone else has more detailed information behind these hats please let the rest of us know. 

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