Goals and Challenges

The following is a follow-up to the three-part interview with Associate Athletic Director Jim Senter. The Athletic Department has set goals that need to be met by 2005 and VandalVenue.com issues a challenge to all Vandal fans to step and meet these challenges. Tell them VandalVanue.com sent you!

Here is the list of goals and challenges:

Here is the list of goals and challenges:



Goal: Raise VSF membership to 5000 by 2005.


Challenge: If you are not a VSF member join at whatever level you can do. VSF offers a variety of payment options. Payments can be made yearly, quarterly or monthly and payments can be directly billed to your credit card or if you prefer the VSF can bill you. Signing up at the Coaches Club Level billed monthly is only $20.83 a month. This is smaller than most household bills.


Goal: If you are a current VSF member, move to the next gift club level by 2005.


Challenge: Simple. Say you are currently at the Coaches Club member ($250). Moving to the next level, the Gem Club would be an increase of $250.  However if you split that over 3 years it would be a pledge increase of $6.94 per month, per year.  2005 is a ways off so the sooner you can move to the next level, the better.


Goal: Raise season tickets holders to 5000 by 2005.


Challenge: Simple. Buy season tickets. If you cannot go to a game give the tickets away to someone else or donate the tickets back. You can receive gift credit for unused tickets provided you return them before the game.


Goal: Increase attendance at home games to 15,000 by 2004.


Challenge: Simple. Go to games. If you attend 2 home games a year plan on going to 3 or 4. The NCAA 15,000-attendance for division 1A teams will be required for the 2004 season and will be in effect thereafter.


Goal: Get involved in the process.


Challenge: Spread the word to fellow Vandals and tell them to spread the word. If you know of fellow Vandals who are not current VSF members encourage them to join. Tell them to visit VandalVanue.com if they need more info on how to join. A new idea proposed by the Athletic Department is to get more people involved.  Athletics will be unveiling Vision 2005 in the near future.  One exciting way to reach these challenging goals will be to have people like you and I host a Vision 2005 party at your home.  The host/hostess would provide refreshments and hors d' oeuvres for Vandal Guests.  One of the athletic staff will speak about Vision 2005.  The hosting couple would work with Senter, Isakson, and Alderson to compile a small intimate (5-6 couples) guest list that the host couple would invite to their home.


These are the goals and challenges that face us Vandals. It will take work. We Vandal fans cannot leave all of the work to the Athletic Department. We Vandal fans need to get involved in the process not only looking at ourselves as far as how much we give and how many games we attend but we have to get other Vandals involved in the process. I am confident Vandal fans can rise up to meet these challenges. If you need help or have questions call Jim, Pete or Willie or email us here and we'll put you in touch with the right person. Tell them VandalVenue.com sent you! Go Vandals!



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