VandalVenue Site Updates

Since just before the Christmas holiday, the VandalVenue staff have been working to make this site a more complete resource for Vandal fans. From meeting with officials at the University, to compiling reports and resources regarding VSF membership, to increasing the content on this webpage, our goal is to reach out to as many Idaho fans as possible. We hope you enjoy these changes, and find the information and links useful.

VSF Information Web Page
In the left hand margin you will notice a section we've added entitled "Scholarship Fund". Below it is a link to a VandalVenue webpage entitled "Donate to UI", which is a brief, simple, 1-page summary describing membership in the Vandal Scholarship Fund (VSF). We encourage you to read this quick summary and consider membership in the VSF. You can either click on the link below, or click the link in the left hand margin.

Obviously, there are a number of benefits associated with the varying donation levels (i.e. priority parking at home games), so we encourage you to write/call the VSF representative in your area for more information. We've provided phone numbers and hot-keys for e-mailing Willie Alderson, Pete Isakson, and Jim Senter. This page will be permanant, so please feel free to refer to it often.

Also under this section you'll notice a "VSF Events" section. We're still building this area, but soon it will have web pages that show events coming up for each chapter of the VSF throughout the state (i.e. the Ada County Chapter web page will show upcoming events, along with regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year).

WELCOME to VandalVenue, ladies!
Above the Scholarship Fund section is a new section for "Women's Basketball", with complete schedule, roster, and a link to the Big West's standings page. The effort this short-handed team is putting in, and the job Coach Divilbiss has done already, deserves (at the very least) recognition on this site. We'll be keeping an eye on the team throughout the season.

Men's Basketball section updates
Congratulations to Coach Perry and the team on their win last night over Long Beach State at the Cowan Spectrum. Its their first conference win of the season, and improves their record to 4-10 on the season. The links in this section have been updated, with a complete schedule, roster, and a link to the Big West's standings page.

Football section updates
The "Roster" and "Insider Stats" are now linked to the official site, and comprise the most accurate, up-to-date information on the team. The insider stats link goes to a page that allows you to look at the stats dating back through, I believe, the 1999 season. Interesting stuff.

Football Schedule update
A link has been added to the 2002 schedule that will send you to the official site for ticket information. The official site's information is out of date, but it gives a good idea of how affordable season tickets are (a phone number to order tickets is provided). When a more up to date site is available, we'll change the link.

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