In Case You Didn't Know

<p class=MsoBodyText align=left style='text-align:left'><span style='color: blue'>I didn't know either but because I've been covering money-raising activities of the Athletic Department I thought there were some interesting numbers in the latest University of Idaho Foundation Annual Report. The UI received record donations of $28,197,901 in 2001. The total assets of the UI foundation increased from 158 million to 194 million.<o:p></o:p></span></p>

Here is a breakdown of where the money came from and went:

Who Gave?

Alumni                                    74%

Corporations                           17%

Other                                       9%


Where Did They Give?

Endowments                            46%

Current Operations                  37%

Buildings                                 17%


How Were The Gifts Used?

Academic Programs                40%

Academic Scholarships           18%

Buildings                                 17%

Other                                       17%

Athletic Scholarships             4%

Research                                 3%

Unrestricted                             1%


How Did They Give?

Cash                                        40%

Marketable Securities             31%

Planned Gifts                           17%

Capital Pledges                       9%

Other                                       3%

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