Priority Seating In The Dome AT LAST!

Admission into the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) has been a goal for Idaho since the breakup of the Big West. In 2005 that dream becomes a reality as 2 of the WAC's premier members, FRESNO STATE and HAWAII, visit the Palouse to take on Idaho in The Dome. Consequently, Idaho's new conference alliance puts a premium on Dome seating. From this point forward donors to the program will be rewarded with priority seating based on their gift level...and in '05 a chance to win a new Durango.

This fall the University of Idaho will be rolling out one of the very best home schedules in the history of the football program. Yes, there are still just 4 home games (OK, 5 on the Palouse if you count the game at neighboring Wazzu just 8 miles west of Moscow). So what's the difference?

The caliber of the conference Idaho just joined.


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We're In...ARE YOU?

In 2005 Idaho begins play in the WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE (WAC), a regional conference with whom Idaho fans can finally relate. Gone are the days of the Sun Belt (a gracious, albeit temporary, host for the Vandals from 2001-2004), and gone are home games against teams few within 500 miles of the Moscow campus knew anything about.

For 2005, that all changes. Back on the schedule are BOISE STATE and NEVADA, 2 of Idaho's fiercest rivals throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. Idaho also keeps its rekindled rivalry with UTAH STATE and NEW MEXICO STATE, and renews its series with SAN JOSE STATE. For marquee value, the schedule will now include perennial WAC powers FRESNO STATE and HAWAII. And, to keep things honest, Idaho keeps the "southern ties" by playing LOUISIANA TECH, a tough WAC member which beat Michigan State on the road last season.

This is the Conference the University of Idaho is joining in 2005. A conference that sent FOUR teams to bowl games in 2004, with 2 teams nationally ranked in the TOP 25 at the end of the 2004 season.

So why is the '05 schedule so great? Because this fall Fresno State and Hawaii, bowl teams in '04, will BOTH be playing the Vandals in The Dome. Not in Pullman. In Moscow, with our banners in the rafters and our logo on the carpet. The home schedule also includes a visit from Utah State (who holds a 1 game edge in the 31 game rivalry), and the first visit to Moscow ever by Louisiana Tech, WAC co-champ in 2001.

The caliber of competition is going up while the caliber of the Vandal football program is going up, which equates to added value for a ticket to an Idaho game in The Dome. At last, there is an additional reward for a donation to the VSF to go along with the satisfaction of donating to Idaho's scholar-athletes. Now, donation levels will be rewarded with priority seat assignments in the Dome.

How does it work? It's pretty self-explanatory, and presented in the representative chart below (approximate location of seating to field).

Here are some of the details:

EVERYONE making a VSF DONATION of $100 or more has the PRIVILEDGE to buy Season Tickets in Sections (4-8) in the VSF PREMIUM SEATING (one donation = opportunity to buy four seats).

EVERYONE making a VSF DONATION of $250 or more gets a PARKING PASS and is close to GAME DAY ACTIVITIES.



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We're In...ARE YOU?

Until this announcement, Idaho was set to be the only WAC member without a priority seating plan. Every other member institution of the WAC already has such a plan in place.

Despite the fact we are just now implementing this plan, we aren't the last D-1 school to do so. The University of Michigan is implementing their's in 2005 as well. But among our northwest peers, we are among the last to implement this type of program. Both BSU and Washington State have priority seating plans, including plans which cost 4 TIMES more than Idaho's new plan! WAC member FRESNO ST raises $4M yearly with their program. BSU raises approximately $1.5M. Among the bigger programs, Wisconsin has 17,000 Booster members, while the University of Virginia raises $20M for athletics every year with this type of program.

The UI has a modest yet attainable target of $1.25M with the aid of this program, which will help cover the costs of providing scholarships to it's student athletes.

Coupled with the bargain that this priority seating plan really is compared to others in the region, the season tickets themselves are just $99 EACH for 2005. Vandal fans get to see 2 bowl teams (Fresno State and Hawaii), Utah State and Louisiana Tech all at The Dome for less than $100 per seat plus a donation to the VSF. It's off-the-charts affordable compared to virtually every other 1-A program in America.

For comparison purposes, do a quick scan of the Division 1-A Universities in our region. You'll quickly learn that the cost of sitting near mid-field, against top-tier competition, in season ticket seating is an exceptional value in Moscow with this priority plan.

Idaho is going to implement this program as fairly and equitably as possible with the existing season ticket fan-base, appreciating those who have stood by the program throughout the years. In reality, Idaho began laying the foundation for this program already as 65% of Idaho's season ticket holders are already VSF members. The infrastructure to manage this system (i.e. computer-based season ticket management system) has been implemented over the course of the past 4 years. The UI is rewarding existing season ticket holders first with the opportunity to renew:

a. Existing Season Ticket holders who are also VSF members have the right to similar seats for the '05 season that they had in '04.

b. Existing Season Ticket holders who are not VSF members have the right to similar seats and are encouraged to give to the VSF this year.

Finally, this is ultimately all about fun. The program wants everyone to enjoy Vandal games on the beautiful Idaho campus in Moscow, and to take-in the college game day experience. So, to add a little spice to watching the Vandals take on this year's WAC competition, ONE VANDAL SEASON TICKET HOLDER will WIN a NEW 2005 DODGE DURANGO! You read it right. Some lucky season ticket holder is going to drive home this year with a brand spanking new Durango. Each season ticket is equal to one chance to win! So if you buy four season tickets, you have 4 chances to win.

Make your plans to buy your season tickets to Vandal football today! The UI is offering ticket sales earlier than in years past, and orders are being taken right now.

For those looking to renew existing season tickets, ORDER TODAY! The deadline for RENEWALS is MAY 2, 2005 for existing season ticket holders!


Are You?

The Priority Seating Plan won't have a major impact on student seating in The Dome in 2005.

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