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During December and January the staff began compiling a database of information describing Coach Tom Cable's 2002 recruiting class. We're excited about this group, and published information on each individual was plentiful. We hope you find this information equally interesting.

The most direct way to view the information is to click on the link in the left hand margin of this web page entitled "Recruits (1998-Present)". The recruits are organized by the position they are anticipated to play while at the University of Idaho. Clicking on an athlete's name will send you to a web page with as much information (and links) as we could find on the athlete. All the recruits in the 2002 class are complete, with the exception of recently signed big-man Jason Jones. Jason's article should be completed in the next week.

We do not have information on recruits who signed with Idaho prior to this season, but the complete recruiting class lists dating back through 1998 are provided.

For a summary breakdown of how we think each group of recruits will help the team going into the 2002 season, check the links below. Because so much recruiting effort went into fortifying the defensive line and cornerback positions, these two groups have been broken out into their own individual write-ups. All 5 of these links have also been added to the recruiting database.

The List

Recruiting Focus: The DL

Recruiting Focus: The DBs

Recruiting Focus: The Offense

Recruiting Focus: Special Teams

One final note… The class this year features a majority of athletes who specialize at football, but are also good athletes away from the football field (actively participating in basketball, track, baseball, volleyball, and others). To the right is a picture of one of the biggest recruits in this year's class: 6-7, 310 pound offensive lineman Hank Therien going air-borne on the slopes in Oregon. Lets just hope Hank doesn't try to perfect the DinnerRoll maneuver and make the Olympic team…not to be selfish, but we think we'll need him more in Moscow.

Many thanks to Hank's father for sending this picture in. And, please, don't let him back out on the hill!

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