Practice Field Construction UPDATE

Construction continues on the new SprinTurf multi-purpose, lighted, synthetic fields being installed on the east-end of the ASUI Kibbie Dome. Currently in the excavation stage, with the project scheduled to be completed in July, things appear to be humming right along as significant progress is being made. Many thanks to the Wood family for supplying these images!

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LINK: Turf Project Launch

This most current athletic facilities upgrade on the Idaho campus includes two 75-yard fields, plus a 10-yard wide "walkway" separating the 2 fields, all constructed of Sprinturf, an all-rubber infill, artificial grass system that looks, feels and plays like natural grass. The 75-yard length was chosen because it is long enough for the Vandal football and women's soccer teams to practice on, as well as for intramural competition, but short enough to have two fields in the space available. There will be one goal post on the south end of the south field and one on the north end of the north field, with the corners marked for soccer.

What it means to the UI intercollegiate, intramural and club sports communities, as well as the residents of Moscow, is a field that previously had approximately 300 useable hours annually now will be playable for as many as 2,000 hours.

The $1.2 million project, scheduled to be completed in July, includes lighting and fencing in addition to the infill artificial turf.

An image of some of the heavy equipment and the remains of the asphalt path. This is looking south towards the arboretum/golf course, with the "I" water tower on the horizon.

This image is of some of the heavy equipment and the remains of the asphalt path. Looking East from the north end of the practice field complex - the sign that says "SIDEWALK CLOSED" used to sit on the asphalt path that ran between the north endzone of the 100-yard field and the auxiliary field. Memorial Gym is in the background.

This image is looking South from the far North end of the practice field area. This was taken from the access road that comes up from the Law School area - the "I" water tower is in the background, with the edge of the weight room on the right. All dirt now.

Closeup of the old soil looking east. The equipment is sitting on the subsoil layer that remains to be removed.

This is a shot of the south end of the field, also known as the "red clay" end for those passing by regularly. Looking east, in the middle of the excavation, is a construction stake on an island that has been avoided by earth moving. Appears to be about 2' deep, but that is an estimate. This image also shows a closeup of the red clay layer.

Here is a close-up view of the "island" described in the image above. This is largely untouched, as the shot shows how deep the digging has gone. This is the south end of the field in the "red clay" area.

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