Post-Game Quotes

This afternoon's post-game press conference showed a Vandal team that was disappointed with the loss today but not distraught. The team's demeanor was very matter-of-fact as the game was viewed as a "learning experience" and "not a step backwards." THere was very little soul-searching about what went wrong. For the most part the team knew what went wrong, and would start immediately working to fix it for the home opener against Hawaii.


SUMMARY OF OFFENSE: "You can't give up seven sacks. You can't have nine tackles for losses. You need to protect your QB better. You need to run better than minus 4 yards. And I'm going to give [Washington] some credit on defense. They do a nice job and they're well coached. They got after us, and they did exactly what you should do against us. They called a nice game on defense, and made it hard on our offense. We'll learn from it. We've GOT to run the ball better. I know we're trying, but our inside guys got stuffed all day long. It's unacceptable, and we're going to address that in the upcoming week."

SUMMARY OF DEFENSE: "Defensively at times I thought we played really, really well. [We] had some nice goal line stands, we had some nice defense in the first quarter and the fourth quarter. It could have gotten ugly. They had their first team in all the way up until the second to last series. I liked the way we competed in the second half with all the bad field position and the punt block, and we shanked another punt for 25 yards. It could have gotten really ugly. In the past the team probably would have given up maybe 50 points at least with all that great field position, but these guys battled. I thought the assistant coaches did a nice job keeping their kids focused on just one play at a time."

THE BLOCKED PUNT: "[It] was just a mental error. Nothing with their scheme or anything like that. Our center just went the wrong way with his protection. When you're a freshman that sometimes happens, and you can't get mad at the kid, you've just got to learn from it."

FIRST-HALF PENALTIES: "I think we had 3 penalties in the secondary, two by one guy, that's 45 yards of field position we gave them and it's still anybody's game in the first half. It's unacceptable. We need to do a better job with that as players and coaches."

OVERALL IMPRESSION: "I'm disappointed with the outcome. I thought we competed for the most part. [But] when you're trying to make first downs and you can't do it running the ball, when they're pressuring on every down and you don't have enough guys to protect it, or you have guys going the wrong way because they're really young, that's what happens. I applaud Washington's defensive coaches. That's exactly what I would have done today too."

ON BILLY BATES' PERFORMANCE AS A TRUE FRESHMAN: "I'll hold my comment [until after reviewing films]. I know this, he's a smart, heady player and he competes."


REGARDING RELENTLESS UW PRESSURE: "We put ourselves in those [blitz] situations...second and long, third and long, those are situations where you're going to get blitzed. You've got to expect it. We did, it happened, and that was the outcome."

ABOUT THE GAME: "Certainly we thought we had a chance coming into this game that we could possibly win that game. They just out competed us, out battled us on the field."


ABOUT QB STEVE WICHMAN: "Steve's doing his part. I had a couple drops today. You can't ask [for] more out of a quarterback…he's a great quarterback, good pocket presence. He's a tough dude, a real tough dude. He knows the offense well, he put the ball where it needs to be."


REGARDING THE IMPACT OF THIS GAME: "I don't think this was a step back, I think it was more of a learning experience. We came out, we played a hard four quarters. We'll take a look at the film and we'll learn from it. We'll see how we can get better next week."

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