Tuesday Morning Edition

Inside: A Golf Tournament report, plus a list of upcoming articles and news around campus.

by Vandal88

MOSCOW - Congratulations go out to Joel Thomas and the rest of the volunteers at the Tom Cable Golf Tournament. Even though it was 40 degrees with rain and wind for the first seven holes everyone had a great time. The tournament raised money to help fund summer school for players, which is a big help for them going into fall camp. Also, nice job on the post tournament auction! There were some very generous bids on some of the prizes. If you missed the tournament and would like to donate for summer school, call the Football Department at 208-885-0235.

Speaking of the Tournament, 2 former Linemen displayed their incredible driving skills and ability to acquire golf carts at the tournament. In order to protect any other useable golf carts that remain at the UI Golf Course, these players will remain nameless.

On the par 4 12th hole, after hitting a couple of Tiger like drives, the 2 linemen piled in the cart and proceeded to attempt the treacherous decent down the very wet and steep hillside to their drives. In a sudden moment of daring skill the driver displayed an unplanned series of at least two full donuts and a 20-yard side slide. Further attempts at these daring maneuvers were not attempted.

In order to display their past athletic skills, the 2 former linemen decided to abandon their golf cart at the worst possible place, down the steep hillside along side the 16th fairway, and carry their clubs and coolers the rest of the way. Vandal great Bob Curtis even offered his words of encouragement from the group behind us as the 2 players set a land speed of about 15 minutes during the ordeal. In retrospect, it was a brilliant plan to freeze the groups in back of us, thereby raising their score.

Being at the clubhouse and realizing that 8 holes still remained, the pair decided to concentrate all of their strength on their golf games and acquire an available cart that sat outside the clubhouse. Equipment was transferred to the new cart and the players hit their drives and proceeded to drive to their balls. During the long drive to their massive drives, the players noticed the new cart had a terrible pull to the left. Further investigation determined that the golf cart had a flat tire. Again, equipment had to be offloaded and the cart returned at least part way to the clubhouse. In a brilliant moment of strategy, the cart was left to partially block the cart path decending the treacherous 1st fairway. Again, Vandal great Bob Curtis encouraged the group during the 15-minute ordeal.

I knew I was in trouble when on the first hole one of the players took a practice swing and his driver slipped out of his hands landing 30 feet up in a nearby tree...


In addition to covering the Silver and Gold Football Game this weekend, we were given an opportunity to interview a number of the Idaho Athletics Staff. In the weeks and months ahead, look for in depth interviews with Tom Cable and his staff, Leonard Perry, and Brad Rickel, Idaho's Head Golf Coach. We will also be preparing interviews with Women's Basketball Coach Mike Divilbiss, and will spotlight some of his players and recruits. We will also be preparing articles on the construction currently taking place on the Idaho campus (including the VAC), and for those of you that haven't been on campus in awhile, we'll highlight some of the recently completed buildings on campus (including the new Student Rec Center).


Construction will begin this summer on Phase II of the Vandal Athletic Center, with the primary focus being on the weight room (construction will more than double the size of the current weight room). For information on donating to this program, contact Associate Athletic Director Jim Senter at 208-885-0221, or send him an email at jsenter@uidaho.edu...10 players were unable to participate in this weekend's Silver & Gold Game due to injuries, including:

Tim Sams, S (5-9, 178, Sr)
Blair Lewis, TB (5-11, 211, Sr)
Jedidiah Getzlaff, S (5-9, 178, Sr)
Chad Kodama, LB (6-2, 226, Jr)
Nathaniel Banke, CB (6-1, 166, RS-Fr)
Willie Sipoloa, FB (6-2, 261, So)
John Neddo, DL (6-2, 272, RS-Fr)
Michael Togafau, OG (6-4, 274, So)
Kelly Adams, OG (6-5, 315, RS-Fr)
Dennis Teatafa, DE (6-3, 270, Sr)

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