QB JON TOBIN: First To Commit

Idaho received it's first verbal commitment way back in June when Jonathan Tobin, a 6-4, 210 pound gun-slinger out of Arizona powerhouse Cactus High School, spent a day at the Nick Holt Camp. A 2005 First Team AZFCA (Coaches) All-State selection, Jon led the Cobras to a perfect 14-0 record and the state championship, and he intends to continue his winning ways at Idaho.

JON TOBIN profile

SCOUT - Jon, I'm trying to confirm your commitment to the University of Idaho. Did you commit?

Jon - Yeah, I'm committed. I just got back from visiting up there actually.

SCOUT - You were reportedly offered by UTEP as well. Were there any other schools that offered you a scholarship?

Jon - Just Idaho and UTEP.

SCOUT – Why did you choose Idaho?

Jon - The whole thing behind my decision to choose Idaho is right now they've graduated Michael Harrington, and they did recruit a JC guy to compete with Harrington and he will be a senior next year, so it's really a good place for a young quarterback to come in and play. Even though they have lost some games, what they need is kinda like planning a dynasty. You need to plan it around a good quarterback, and they apparently think I'm good enough to play as a freshman, after I redshirt. That's what we intend on doing. That was my whole point, playing early and hopefully being good enough to help bring a losing team to a winning record, and maybe a bowl, a couple of bowl rings, you know?

SCOUT - You are redshirting next year?

Jon - Yeah, I will be redshirting. We've talked about it...I could come in and be second string, but we're not sure we want to waste one of my years for playing. I'll still get plenty of snaps in practice, but I'll be third string to keep my 5 years of eligibility [4 plus redshirt year].

SCOUT- What do you consider your strengths?

Jon- To be honest, it's nothing in the nature of actually being a football player, it's more being a football student. I mean, that's what I started when I went to Idaho. I've already learned some college defenses. That's my big thing. I have to know my offense, and then I have to know every defense I'm going to play against. So I think it's not more my arm or my athletic ability. I think my arm and my athletic ability compliment my being a student of the game. My biggest thing is knowing what I'm doing and just being a smart player on the field.

SCOUT – How do you think your senior year went?

Jon - I couldn't ask for anything better. I mean, going into game thirteen I had 8 interceptions, and had one bad game [against Chaparral in the State semi-finals, a game Cactus won 9-6 and included a 2nd quarter Tobin TD pass] that ended up boosting those stats [4 picks in the game]. Chaparral didn't work interception-wise, but I did a lot better [this year]. I completed maybe 62% of my passes this year and that's 22% better than I did last year. And you know, I helped lead my team to a State Championship. Not too many people can say that the two years they started they were in a State game, and one of the years they won and got it right, especially being a Cactus football player. Regardless stats-wise, I think I had an amazing season. The things that we've done together as a team, I'll never forget, so it was just an amazing season.

SCOUT – What kind of State honors or awards did you earn as a football player?

Jon - From what I hear, I was named region player of the year. I tied with King Thomas from Greenway. I got all region quarterback and I heard I'm on the all state team.

SCOUT - What were your career passing stats?

John - Oh…about 2100 yards, maybe 2200 yards [this season]. 1600 yards last season, so, what...almost 3000 yards? I'm not sure...

SCOUT - O-kay how about TD's and interceptions?

Jon - Oh dang. Last season I don't even know. You know what, I don't know. [NOTE: For the record, Tobin threw 32 TDs and rushed for 14 TDs in his career, including 19 TD passes versus 12 INTs this year].

SCOUT - Did you attend a University of Idaho football camp?

Jon - No. I did go up there one day this summer [invited to the Nick Holt Camp, but could only attend one day] and it was basically I went there, and they had a full contact camp and I went in and I played a couple of snaps on their renegade team, which is like people who came without a team. I came in, did a couple snaps, and ended up throwing six touchdowns. Right after that they were like "alright, we gotta offer you", so they offered me…

SCOUT – So how many trips have you made to Idaho?

Jon - Last weekend was my second time, and last weekend was [also] my official visit.

SCOUT - How was your official visit? It went well?

Jon - Oh yeah. Probably one of the best weekends I've had. Went up there and it was really snowy and cold. You'd figure growing up in Arizona I'd freeze my ass off, but I wore shorts most of the weekend. I loved it up there. I hung out with the starting quarterback, hung out with the linemen, got to know the wide receivers better. And I met a bunch of other recruits. I met a lot of people that, you know, regardless of whether they go to Idaho with me or not next year, I'm just going to be good friends with because they're really good guys.

SCOUT - So are there any other trips planned? UTEP or any other school you might be interested in?

Jon - No. I took a trip to UTEP earlier in the year just to see what they were about. But last night I told them, "Hey, I'm not going to commit, I'm going to keep my commit with Idaho, and that's that."

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