RB Brian Flowers: JC All-American

In a class loaded with running back talent and speed, the athlete that might make the most immediate impact is junior college transfer Brian Flowers, a JC All-American and All-California First Team selection in 2005. (PHOTO GALLERY)

Slowed by injuries to the backfield the last two seasons, Idaho signed five running backs in this recruiting class. Among them is one junior college recruit: Brian Flowers. He will be toting an amazing resume when he hits the Moscow campus this summer, capped off by a sophomore season in which he was named to at least one All-American Team, a First-Team All-California Region IV selection, and the Mission Conference's Offensive Most Valuable Player. As would be expected with all of these accolades, Brian dominated California's JC statistical ranks, averaging 6.5 yards-per-carry and leading his El Camino College team to a final 11-1 record. He set an El Camino College single-season rushing record of 1,618 yards on 241 carries in 12 games in 2005, and the 2,341 career yards he gained also broke an El Camino College record set in 1969.

He isn't guarranteed the starting job, but a player of this caliber is not brought in to watch the game from the sidelines. And as you'll see below, he doesn't expect to either.

Scout.com - Who [besides the University of Idaho] was recruiting you?
Brian Flowers - Boise State, and there was talk with Washington. That was pretty much it.

Scout.com - Did you take a trip to those schools?
Brian Flowers - No. After I took my trip to Idaho, I didn't go to Boise State or Washington.

Scout.com - Why?
Brian Flowers - Idaho was my first trip and I just really enjoyed it out there, so I felt I didn't need to take any more trips after that. You know how once you go some where you enjoy it… it kinda just felt like that was the place for me to be.

Scout.com - So then everyone scratches their head because you're from California and we're talking about rural Moscow, Idaho.
Brian Flowers - Yeah. I know a couple guys already up there that are from the L. A. area, it made me feel more comfortable. It's time for a change, anyway. I'm used to almost everything in the city, so it's time for a change.

Scout.com - When you were walking around the campus of the University of Idaho, did you like the feel of it?
Brian Flowers - Yeah, I liked it a lot. You know, there's not too much going on, and you can just walk around and enjoy yourself and just really take in the scenery.

Scout.com - Did you like the coaching staff?
Brian Flowers - Yes, very much. The coaching staff played a big part in me going there. They showed a lot of concern for me as a person. They got to know me and my family, and also were concerned with my schooling, so I really liked that a lot.

Scout.com - Do you have 3 years to play 2?
Brian Flowers - Yes.

Scout.com - Are you going in there to play immediately?
Brian Flowers - That's the plan, for me to come in and play right away. Help them out a much as I can.

Scout.com - So what are your strengths? What do you bring to the table?
Brian Flowers - I bring more speed to the table, but you know, most running backs that are little...people really don't think they can pass block too well, [that] they can't really do a lot of things. But I can help them out because I'm strong for my stature. I can help them with pass blocking. It will just open up the passing game more, because I pose a threat to the defenders.

Scout.com - Considering Idaho's recent struggles, does that concern you?
Brian Flowers - No. It's not a concern at all. You know their downfall from last year... they really couldn't run the ball. They were in a lot of games. So I feel me coming there will raise up everyone's level. Change everything up.

Scout.com – How about the specifics of your trip. How many days and how many other recruits were you with?
Brian Flowers - I was there for 3 Days. I was there with 14 guys and a couple guys from the L.A. area. The players, they kind of embraced me you know, like I've been out there with them already...like I've been on the team. They made me feel the love, and that they welcome me out here. They really appreciate me taking the time to come out on my trip to [visit] them. That right there shows that they are willing to embrace me and bring me in, so that we can work as a team and change the program around.

Scout.com – When are you supposed to report to Idaho?
Brian Flowers – I'm going up there as soon as I get out of school. I'm not done with school until June ninth.

Scout.com - Are you expecting to start at running back?
Brian Flowers – I expect to be the starting running back. Going in, I know there are other guys there, but I know in my heart I feel that I can go in there and start right away. I'm a real competitor. I push. I work hard to get what I want. So, I feel I can go in there and be their starting running back at 210.

Scout.com - Are you pretty excited about playing in the WAC?
Brian Flowers - I am. I have a lot of friends all over the WAC, so it will be really fun to get there and play.

PHOTO GALLERY (Courtesy El Camino College)

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