Spring Photo Gallery Part II

We've reviewed the files and found a few more images from last week's practices and first scrimmage this spring. Inside are updated photos of Tone Taupule, Marvin Jones, and more. (JARON WILLIAMS, 6-1, 219, Linebacker, Senior)

Tone Taupule, 6-1, 210, Senior
Free Safety

Marvin Jones, 6-2, 301, Redshirt Freshman
Defensive Tackle

Lee Jones, 6-2, 204, Junior
Free Safety / Strong Safety

Rick Harrison, 6-5, 240, Sophomore

VIEW FROM THE HILL... University of Idaho football practice fields

Nathan Enderle, 6-5, 215, Freshman

T.J. Conley, 6-4, 215, Sophomore
Quarterback / Punter

Taylor Rust, 6-2, 238, Sophomore
Defensive End

Tyrel Fenwick, 6-7, 261, RS-Freshman
Defensive Tackle

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