Erickson Post-Game Comments

Idaho pushed the Michigan State Spartans to the brink this afternoon, eventually falling to the Big Ten program by a final score of 27-17 in East Lansing. An outstanding effort in Coach Erickson's debut in his second turn as Idaho's head coach, he and Idaho's rebuilt staff had the Vandals prepared this afternoon to stage an upset.

Vandal head coach Dennis Erickson almost pulled off the unthinkable this afternoon, leading Idaho to a near upset of Michigan State in front of 75,000 at Spartan Stadium before falling 27-17. Idaho was down 24-17 with just over a minute left in the game before the Spartans kicked a field goal to ice the game.

This was a spectacular effort all around for Idaho, and a testament to the new staff in Moscow. Idaho's offense, and defense, was thoroughly prepared for this game and came out swinging. Although MSU was favored to win this game by 29+ points, their lead never exceeded 14 points at any point in the game as Idaho's D kept a potent Michigan State offense in check. Idaho's offense also was able to eat up staggering amounts of time on lengthy drives throughout the game. It was a spectacular effort for Idaho all around.

Coach Erickson had the following comments after the game about the team's performance this afternoon.

About the game overall... I thought we played well at times. Our guys came out with the thought in their mind, and we've been talking about it all along, that you can win this football game. There isn't a football game that you go into that you can't win…that's just the way it is. I've been around this business a long time; I've been on both sides of things like this, and we played hard enough to win.

About the mistakes... We made some mistakes that were critical. Obviously the interception in the third quarter was a critical mistake, and they turned it into a touchdown. But all in all, I thought our guys played really well on both sides of the football. Michigan State is very physical, particularly offensively. They ran the football pretty well.

Junior Brian Flowers follows senior left guard Jade Tadvick for a big gain.
About Idaho's running attack today... I thought, for us, that we ran the football extremely well. We went in there with the mindset that we were going to run the football, and we ran the football with great success against a pretty good football team. We have got to continue to do that and take the pressure off our quarterback. Know what our strengths are, and we do know what our strengths are.

What to take away from today... The bottom line is we lost a football game. That's just how it is. There is no such thing in my life as a moral victory. I don't believe in them; we lost a football game. We played well, we did some good things, we'll make some corrections and then we play again next week. Moral victories are…I don't believe in them. Neither does this football team.

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