Post Game Comments: Coach Erickson

After a solid showing last week against Michigan State, the Vandals were beaten in every facet of the game today against Washington State in a 56-10 loss in Pullman. Coach Erickson talked briefly with the media after the game about the team's performance.

Game summary… It's pretty simple. We got our rear-ends kicked. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We got our rear-ends kicked on offense, defense, special teams. We got out-coached by Washington State. I don't know what else to say…physically they beat us up, they ran the football….they did everything. We didn't have an answer, and we couldn't run the football. That fourth down and one [in the second quarter] was kind of a momentum changer in the second quarter, and when we didn't make it the floodgates opened. I'm the one in charge, and I'm embarrassed about that performance. I've been in a lot of games, and that's about as bad as it's been.

Did the Cougs do anything you weren't expecting… No. They came in and they threw it. When the game was in doubt in the second quarter, they had some big plays in the passing game. And then they just ran the football at will. I didn't believe they could do that to us, I really didn't; but they did. We played okay at the beginning of the game on defense, then offensively we just couldn't move it or get anything going. They just beat us in every facet of the game.

Evaluating the team today… We've got a lot of work to do. The thing I really want to check is who played hard in the fourth quarter today. That's really important today. Who played hard and who didn't, because that gives you an idea of where we're at and what we have to do. If there is anything positive to take out of it, it's finding out who played hard and who didn't.

About the performance of the defense and offense… We didn't tackle very well, and we weren't in our gaps defensively. Offensively we couldn't get the running game going consistently. They [WSU] did a nice job of planning for us and taking some things away from us. We had some opportunities throwing the ball…they had a lot of seven guys-in-the-box and we dropped some balls, and we just couldn't get anything going. We had the one drive where we were about to score…we had a pretty consistent drive and had some positive things going. Then they get it back on the 3 and take it 97 yards and score.

On Marlon [Haynes] today… I thought he made some plays. He and Tariq [Ikharo] are going to make a difference for us as we go down the road. We just have to find out who's going to catch it. We dropped some balls again today that we just can't do, and that just kills our momentum. Right now we're not good enough physically to beat anybody up, so when we've got a chance to make plays we've got to make plays. We weren't able to do that.

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