Post Game: Vandals comment on loss to WSU

In a game with very few bright spots, JC transfer wide receiver MARLON HAYNES played in his first game for Idaho and provided one of the best catches of the day and gave a glimpse into what Idaho has to look forward to in the weeks ahead. Haynes was one of several athletes available to speak to the media after this game about what happened this week.


Difference between last week and this week… We didn't execute the way we wanted to today. They're probably better than last week's team. Gotta give them all the credit in the world, they played good on defense and executed on offenses.

Regarding the importance of being able to run the ball… When we can't do what we want to do on offense it puts our defense in positions that we don't want to put them in. They had to hold down the redzone a couple times…we would have liked to have been able give them more of a rest and been able to score and execute the offense a little bit better. Defensively we played a good game in the first half. Realistically, when you think about the positions we put them in, its pretty hard to play defense when their offense is already in the redzone.

About the drops… When you think about that as a quarterback, you try to think "well, maybe I could have thrown a better ball to my receiver." As far as that goes, next week in practice we'll clean that up and work some different things and get ready for Idaho State.

About Marlon Haynes and Tariq Ikharo I'll tell you one thing about those two guys, I'm really excited to see them on the field, and I was really excited to see them on the field today. They made some keys plays for us. I really like their attitude about the game. It was Marlon's first game, and you expect a guy to be a little nervous but he wasn't at all. He came in there and he battled and he got things done. He made some things happen for us.


About his first catch… It was just a designed play to be open; either the top was going to be open or the cross was going to be open, and I just had to make a play.

About getting out on the field finally... It was a good feeling. The competition level wasn't that big of a deal to me, we just have got to execute our plays…we have to go back to practice and get better.

About the goal line stop… It was a key stop [for WSU]. But I feel personally like I should have gotten into the endzone myself. It was a big stop, but that wasn't the game. We should have still made some plays…executed.


Did you see this coming… Obviously not, because I thought we prepared well all week. Obviously we didn't come out to play today.

What happened when you got stopped at the goal line… They just played it better than we did. It's hard…there wasn't a lot out there, but still I should be able to get a yard.

What changes between now and Idaho State this weekend… Obviously we need to pick up the intensity about 1000 percent. They're going to be pretty confident after our performance today, so they're going to be thinking they can come in and beat us at home. We need to work harder, regroup, and after tomorrow we need to forget about this and come out next week. The thing about football is you've always got next week, and we just need to get a win now.

LEFT TACKLE Nate VanderPol

About the game… We were hoping for a lot better than that this afternoon. I think our whole team was pretty disappointed with how we played, and thought we could do a lot better than that…very disappointed.

About the difference between the Michigan State game and today's game against Washington State I don't know what happened… we came out at the beginning of the game and just couldn't move the ball. We put our defense in a lot of tough positions, a real short field for them to work with, and we couldn't get our running game going.

Describe the sequence at the goal line… We got down to fourth down and one, and that's kind of a pride issue for offensive line [to punch it in from that position on the field]. We obviously want to be able to punch it in at the goal line, and that was a huge momentum swing in the game. It was an opportunity for us to score a touchdown and it would have been 21-10 at that point; get things going for us, get a little moment. Instead it turned against us.


What was the difference between last week and this week… It was night and day. Maybe we tried to do to much. I don't know, I felt like going in we had a pretty solid game plan. We blew some coverages early, didn't tackle well. Just didn't control the game. Last week we tackled well, we controlled the game early and we didn't do that this week.

Anything you weren't ready for… They have great receivers. They have a lot of speed, they're real deceptive, and they can break tackles. They have a lot of good skill on their offense. We stopped the run good early…we played pretty well early on the run. We were on the field a lot. We missed a couple little passes here and there and momentum just kinda snowballed after that.

On field position… Its not easy to have your backs against the wall everytime, but you have to find a way to stop them. A couple times we did, and then other times we gave up big plays and you can't do that. Especially at someone else's house.

About WSU's ability to run in the second half… Lack of discipline. We were out of our gaps…we just were flat. Bottom line is we were flat. They kept banging on the run, they just kept cutting it back and we weren't tackling well. When you don't do those things, big plays are going to happen, and it's bad news.

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