Erickson Post Game Comments: UI vs OSU

Idaho head coach Dennis Erickson spoke with the media following Idaho's 38-0 loss to Oregon State. In front of 40,317 fans at remodeled Reser Stadium in Corvallis, and despite a stoic defensive effort, the Vandal offense did not convert a single third or fourth and was unable to sustain a drive to the endzone.

Summary of the game… "It pretty much was a pathetic effort for us offensively. I thought defensively we hung in there. The guys fought, we had some opportunities…got a couple turnovers. We came out in the second half, got the ball back, and then we ended up turning it over six times in the football game. We just got no productivity [offensively]; I didn't see one good thing. [Brian] Nooy came in and did some pretty good things, and at least moved the football team. We moved it twice, got it down there, and then fumbled it both times; pathetic effort offensively. So we've got to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we've got to do. We need to look at this team, look at who's playing and who's not going to play. We didn't get any productivity from the running game. But I thought defensively we played pretty good, got some turnovers, and had a chance. We're just now not good enough to compete in a lot of different areas. We just have to continue to get better. We've got eight games left and start our league, and hopefully we can win some football games down the road. But we've got to get better offensively. It was non existent [today]…wasn't even a pulse."

About the ovation from the Oregon State fans before the game… "I've got great respect for Oregon State, the University and the fans, and I love them. It was nice. It was nice to get an ovation."

About OSU's new stadium… "If you look at that thing, that's special. For this program in the Pac-10, to get where they need to be, they need facilities like that. They've got to continue to improve facilities to stay up with people in the Pac-10. And that's the same problem we're dealing with at the University of Idaho right now is for us to improve our facilities so that we can get in the recruiting battle in our league. Recruiting is about turning over rocks and finding the right guys, but you've got to be able to compete in your league in certain situations. So, we're a ways away in a lot of areas, but Oregon State, in my opinion, is going to continue to do that. And they'll do that with Mike [Riley], good players, good coaching staff."

About the chance of him coaching at OSU… "Mike Riley is the football coach here. He's done a great job. He's got things going, and he's doing the right things. I've said that all along. You hear people, they can say what they want. The problem that we have, I think, sometimes its talk radio, internet…those things are crazy. You can't listen to stuff like that, and I'm sure he doesn't. He's a helluva coach, and like I said they've got a great staff and hopefully they'll compete in the Pac-10."

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